Wela Whip For The Week Of February 22, 2016

5647773222_1158e6fd64_b Domino's is rolling in the dough Both Domino's and Papa Johns reported strong sales and earnings this week, but Domino's certainly took the lead. These companies have been dominating the fast food pizza game since aggressively marketing to Millennials who apparently love cheap pizza. Domino's reported that half of their U.S. sales come through digital channels at the end of last year. It's easy to understand why when you consider that you can order through their app or by just tweeting or texting them the pizza emoji. You can also order Domino's through your Ford car's Sync technology, your Samsung smart TVs or your Pebble smart watch. Why would you choose another fast food pizza place when your favorite Domino's pizza will be delivered at the tap of your finger?... Read More


The quite takeover of emojis Facebook officially rolled out the latest evolution of their Like buttons. Now users are able to express their opinion on a particular post through emojis. Internet trolls feel miffed, though, since Zuckerberg's company purposefully tried to leave out emojis that could be used negatively. Instead, emojis include like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry. While we love emojis in the Wela office, we have to wonder if we'll all be moving from the written word to strictly writing in emojis in a few years... Read More


Could the days of couponing be coming to an end!? It's common knowledge that there are some stores that you don't go to without a coupon in hand. Macy's, one of the largest retailers with this reputation, is now trying to move away from their coupon-tastic image. Instead, the company has slowly been moving to a format where clearance items cannot be paired with coupons or other discounts. To balance the pricing, they've reduced their on sale items more than before. They're also grouping all their clearance items together in the store now. It sounds like a win for everyone. The store gets to stop printing coupons, and shoppers don't have to keep all their coupons in their car's glove box. Now if only Bed, Bath & Beyond would follow suit... Read More


Marissa Mayer is not having a great week Recently Yahoo hasn't been able to escape the headlines, and typically it's not positive press. Unfortunately for Mayer, this week has been especially brutal as Yahoo has started the layoffs for 15% of their workforce that they announced at the beginning of this month. In addition to this, Mayer's is reportedly talking with Yahoo's big shareholders about the next phase for the company. According to Business Insider, the talks are more than a little tense. We're all watching as this aging tech giant continues to try and find its place in the quickly shifting world of technology and media... Read More

Wela Whip For The Week Of February 15th, 2016

ht_giant_diamond_02_jc_160216_4x3_992 And You Thought Kobe’s Diamond Was Big Miners working for an Australian company have unearthed what is believed to be the largest diamond ever found in Angola. The diamond is 404 carats and has an estimated value of $14 million. This ranks 3rd in size however, as another company, Lucara Diamond, found an 1,111-carat diamond in Botswana just a few months ago. Number one? A 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond discovered in a South African mine back in 1905. This is one bronze trophy that I wouldn’t be ashamed of!... Read More

The Key To Finding The One Lies In The Math Did you ever think that finding your "soulmate” could be done with a math equation? Maybe you think this is crazy, but mathematicians have put an equation to finding "the one.” The result of the equation says you should reject your first 37% of people you date, and then go with the best person after the initial subset. I can already see the breakups... “Hey babe, this just won’t work, you fell below the 37% line. It’s not you. It’s the math, and we can’t argue that”... Read More

When The Going Gets Tough, The Ideas Start Flowing And flowing they are. McDonalds is introducing craft beer service at it’s newest location in South Korea. The company known for the Big Mac and deliciously salty, crispy fries is trying anything to rebrand and appeal to the more modern times. They have tried healthy options in Australia, cage free eggs in North America, and all day breakfast at all locations. This idea may have legs, though, because now parents will have one more excuse to take their kids to the McDonald’s play place… beer and happy kids. Winner, winner, beer and dinner!... Read More

Who Turns Down Sir Paul McCartney? The rapper known as Tyga apparently, that’s who. One of the most famous musicians ever wasn't “A-list” enough to get into Tyga's after party Monday night post-Grammys. McCartney wasn’t the only celeb to be turned down, five-time Grammy winner Beck and the Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins were also given the Heisman. I guess even knighthood can’t buy (Tyga’s) love!... Read More

Wela Whip For The Week Of February 1st, 2016

7980456414_cb4287b733_k Taking Steps Back, To Move World Forward Uber, the $50 billion-plus valued firm, is bringing back old school to help stave off drunken riders. In an attempt to increase security for Uber drivers from riders who have become too intoxicated, Uber is testing out putting BopIt’s in the back seat. All in an attempt to hopefully distract the drunken passengers from possible assaults on Uber drivers. This is an assault of itself, poor Uber drivers will be hearing “Bop It, Twist It, Pass It” all night long... Read More 

The Billion...uh...User Club? No, we aren’t talking about dollars and cents here. This isn’t a list of the wealthiest people or business owners, but rather an elite list of apps and platforms with over a billion active users! Here are a couple of highlights: YouTube - 1/3rd of all internet users use YouTube EVERY DAY; WhatsApp - a messaging app owned by Facebook that nearly 1/7th of the world’s population uses; Facebook - not a shocker, over 1 billion users log on every single day. Turns out Zuckerberg’s idea wasn’t a fad... Read More


You Are Witnessing Something Amazing You don’t tend to understand what you are witnessing when in the moment, but what Mark Zuckerberg is doing with Facebook and the companies he buys is extraordinary. We thought he was crazy for buying Instagram for $1 billion, but that investment looks good now. Then we thought he was crazy for buying WhatsApp for $19 billion. Well, WhatsApp just reached 1 billion users, and Zuckerberg’s first decision with the company was to make it free. Now they are looking to make money off  of their 1 billion user base… think he’ll do it?… Read More


You’ve Heard of the Super Bowl Shuffle... ...now we’re introduced to the homeless shuffle. Ahead of Sunday’s game, San Francisco officials said it relocated about 24 people who had been living on the posh waterfront where the NFL set up a week-long “Super Bowl City.” Those two-dozen people were bumped to the top of a waiting list at San Francisco’s most sought-after shelter, the Navigation Center. The new center provides curfew-less shelter, meals and helps find permanent housing. The wait list was 150 deep and these folks got put ahead of the line...doesn’t seem quite fair to me... Read More

Wela Whip For The Week Of January 25th, 2016

160127131550-kevin-abosch-potato-exlarge-169 One Million For What?! If you guessed a potato, then you were close. Rather it’s a picture of a potato. Recently a picture of a potato with a black background sold for $1.5 million. It is literally a picture of a potato. And it was sold over four glasses of wine. Two glasses of wine to determine they liked it, and another two to determine they wanted to buy it. I knew wine made you tipsy, but four glasses of wine doesn’t normally lead to making it rain… that’s whiskey...Read More

You Want To Netflix And Chill... ...but aren’t quite sure what to watch since you just finished Making a Murderer, and House of Cards doesn’t come out til March. We’ve got your back. Here are 15 documentaries that will make you smarter so you don’t feel bad about vegging on the couch all weekend. Here are my top three: Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Something Ventured, and Somm...Read More

The Jonas Bounce Winter Storm Jonas caused many to be stranded this past weekend. But it benefited one company… Tinder. The hookup app saw a spike in activity and matches over the weekend as many were stranded. Tinder noted that making a match was 3.3 times higher during the Blizzard than other times. And they promoted using the app with ads like “Eat, Sleep, Swipe, Repeat.” This seems to throw many mixed signals, do people just swipe right for me when they are bored and lonely or do they really like me? The technology age dilemmas...Read More 

These Are Tech Skills Worth Learning Finding high-paying jobs in the tech field isn't hard but staying on top of the in-demand skills is a bit harder. Job website Dice.com recently published its salary survey. The company surveyed 16,301 IT professionals in the fall of 2015 to come up with this list of average salaries for people with particular in-demand skills. The top three are HANA, Cassandra, and Cloudera. Now we just need to figure out what these mean!...Read More

Wela Whip For The Week Of January 18th, 2016

14774004508_bc25022b5f_k-600x400 Let’s Give A Big High Five For The Big Sky The Big Sky state that it is, Montana! They just get it. Not only is the quality of life high there, they've also got skills. Money management skills. A recent report by creditcards.com shows that Montana took the top spot on a money management score. They are good at managing credit and debt. I dig it. The people of Montana are using those boots for more than just walking… they are kicking the you-know-what out of debt... Read More

No Gas Pains in Michigan Gas prices in Michigan hit as low as $0.46 cents per gallon this week. Yes, you read that correctly. Less than two quarters for a gallon! A gas station in Houghton Lake, Michigan hit the 47 cents mark after a price war between three stations in the town. The site GasBuddy.com has data back to 2000, and an analyst for the website said they couldn’t find any other averages that low in the U.S. The next lowest price in the country was $1.29 at a gas station in Virginia. I think we just found the silver lining in this market! At least, if you live in Michigan... Read More


The School Lunch Debate We think we have identified why Chris Christie isn’t polling too well in the Republican primaries… he isn’t focusing on people that can vote. In a recent town-hall meeting in Iowa, Christie tried to win over an 11-year old by telling him that he doesn’t care what the kids have in their lunches. The kid liked the answer and feels school lunches would be better with Christie in office. After that answer, Chris Christie's campaign manager walked out the back door and posted his resume on LinkedIn... Read More


Keep Your Eyes on the Road... or the Dashboard BMW announced this week that they’re working on a digital helper that lets drivers locate a nearby restaurant with free tables, book seats and find the best route there. The cloud-based BMW Connected service is also going to include applications such as home-heating remote control, will be available in the next few months. They’re in talks with third-party providers to supply more content like weather forecasts. So while Apple and Google are entering the car market, BMW is entering the smartphone market!... Read More

Wela Whip For The Week Of January 11th, 2016

24166095522_e0e48d8034_k-600x450 Biggest Lotto Ever The Powerball jackpot swelled to $1.5 billion dollars this past week. Yep, that’s with a “b.” It's by far the largest ever jackpot and your odds of winning it were about 1 in 292 million. Those odds worked out well for the three lucky winners! They won't, however, each be taking home $500 million. They're actually more likely to be taking home about $187 million. It’s the taxes. Also, the $1.5 billion is only if the winners take it in installments over 30 years. Taking the lump sum cuts it by over a third right off the bat. So here’s a quick breakdown: $1.5 turns to $930 million lump sum; taxed at ordinary income (39.6%) reduces the total payout to about $562 million. As if these winners weren't lucky enough, they're also all in states that won't make them pay additional taxes on their winnings. So, divide that payout by three, and you get just under $200 million for each winner. Not bad, but $1.5B to $562M... bet you never thought you’d see a billion dollars vanish!... Read More

Get Paid To Live Detroit, Alaska, Chattanooga and Niagra Falls are offering people financial incentives to move within their borders. Alaska pays all citizens a yearly dividend (cha-ching) while Detroit, Alaska, and Niagra Falls offer various incentives to attract people to help grow their communities. Now, we have to ask, can Detroit really pay you enough to move there? Sorry, Motor City…Read More 


This One’s Not A “Dime a Dozen” A rare dime went to auction in Tampa last week and sold for nearly $2 million dollars! It was an 1894-S dime created by the San Francisco Mint. One of only 24 created, it’s likely that only nine still exist, and David Hall, a professional coin grader, described the coin as “almost perfect” which is a rarity among collectible coins. Both the buyer and seller decided to remain anonymous. The crazy thing is that the other dimes haven’t been tracked down, so when you get a minute be sure to check your cup holders, between your seats, and in your junk drawer. It could be worth your time!... Read More


Katy Perry > Federal Reserve On Twitter at least. However, we should all give some kudos to the organization in charge of our monetary policy. They got a boost of Twitter followers last year! Their Twitter base jumped 62% to just over 300,000 followers. Perry's Twitter following continues to swing well above the driving force behind our economy, as she has nearly 70 million followers. The Fed needs to work with Katy to learn how to make economic information as engaging as songs about fireworks, roaring and California gurls... Read More 

Wela Whip For The Week Of January 4th

1426388_1568806700061133_6148116537148691733_n-600x417 Seinfeld Has Gone Down Under Well at least one character is making a splash in Australia and the actor isn’t even from there. He's actually from New Jersey. A bar has been opened in Australia named after the Seinfeld character George Costanza… it’s simply called George’s Bar. And it has pictures of Costanza and some of his best quotes… Hopefully the bartenders don’t turn into soup nazis or you will be hearing “NO SHOTS FOR YOU” way too often. Read More

Here’s To A Lazy Month! We all appreciate some downtime but if you have a month’s worth of downtime, Netflix has just the cure. In a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Netflix’s Head of Content announced that they’d be releasing 600 hours of original content this year. That’s 25 straight days of watching Netflix! Chelsea Handler has two shows coming out for all you Chelsea fans but my favorite is House of Cards. Season 4 is coming in early March! Read More


Call Him Mr. Plastic Fantastic That’s the name the Guinness Book of World Records has given the man who holds the record for most credit cards - 1,497. He also holds the world record for the longest wallet which stretches 250 feet and weighs 38 pounds. This guy's credit limit is $1.7 million and he says his credit score is great despite only using one credit card and paying it off every month! Here's the kicker—he doesn’t count the cards unless they are valid. I have anxiety just thinking of this, while my wife is sitting here dreaming! Read More


Chick-Fil-A’s Little Known Secrets They may not have invented the chicken, but they did invent the chicken sandwich along with the gold standard in fast food service. Chick-Fil-A has a few other little known perks that you may enjoy. 1) Mom’s valet - place your order in the drive-thru and then come in and your food will be brought to you at a table 2) Mobile ordering - order (and pay) from your smartphone and then elect to pick up at the restaurant or in the drive-thru 3) Secret Menu - there are several unlisted items you can order including, blueberry cheesecake milkshakes, chicken quesadillas and root beer floats! Read More


Wela Whip For The Week Of December 28th

2924217723_a8e5364cc0_b-600x450 “Hello, is this Planet Earth?” One lucky (or freaked out) lady heard these very words the other day. She probably thought it was a prank call, but it was actually a misdialed number... from space. Astronaut Tim Peak misdialed the number for his home as he was trying to call his family. Then he tweeted his apology. Is this not mind blowing for anyone else. Less than 10 years ago we didn’t even know of an iPhone, and now we are calling and tweeting from space?!... Read More

The Whole Food Saga Continues You may recall from earlier this year that Whole Foods was accused of overcharging its New York customers, renforcing its nickname, Whole Paycheck. Well, they’re back in the news, and this time it's because they’re settling the dispute with the city for $500K. In addition, the city has outlined a whole list of other quality control requirements that Whole Foods will need to now impliment including quarterly in-store audits. My only question is, if New York is getting half a million dollars, what are the customers who were overcharged getting?... Read More


It’s All About The Lighting Well, that is what Airbus is saying as one of the main changes they have made in their new planes to help reduce jet lag. This along with more air circulation for better sleeping and pressurization. All of this to help us fly better and be more productive when we arrive. We may not be able to time travel yet, but this sure as heck is making it easier to travel across time zones... Read More


Surely You Can’t Be Serious… Many of you remember the “affluenza teen” who killed four people in a drunk driving accident and recieved 10 years of probation. He got off easy because of a condition called "affluenza" which basically means irresponsible. Who knew that was an alibi!? Well, he and his mother fled the country (a big no-no on probation) and have recently been caught in Mexico. If it’s found that he had been drinking while on probation, he could recieve 10 years in prison. So just to get this straight, kill four people while under the influence and you get probation, drink while on probation and you go to prison? I am serious…and please don’t call me Shirley... Read More