Why There Are More Unhappy Retirees Today Than Ever Before

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Matt and Eddie share some scary news. Today there are more unhappy retirees than ever before and a big reason for this might be that there's also more retirees with mortgages than ever before. The guys dig into the reasoning behind this, as well as the calculation you should run to decide if you're ready to pay off your mortgage today. There has been a market first this year, and it's impacting investors' money and mindsets. Matt and Eddie share how it could be impacting you, and how this news ties into a Vanguard study on how financial advisors provide a 3% increase in value to investors' portfolios over time.

The guys then respond to the popular Elite Daily article that says it's irresponsible to have savings while in your 20s. The guys aren't buying it.

Have you ever stopped to ask if the cost of college worth it? Student loans continue to skyrocket while many graduates limp along with their payments. Are the classes really worth it, or should you focus on building your network of contacts? Get the guys take on this here.

Matt and Eddie are tackling these tough topics and more on The Money Revolution By Wela this week. Take a listen!

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The Good Financial Habits Of The Invisible Rich

During this week's radio show, Matt and Eddie dive into some actionable steps you can take to join the invisible rich. The invisible rich are the people who drive their 10-year-old car to their beach house on the weekends. These are people who make smart money decisions throughout life, and if you take some of the steps that Matt and Eddie layout, then you can hopefully join them! Here is the full article on the Wealth-Building Secrets of the Millionaire Next Door from Kiplinger.

The guys then have guest Brad McMahon, the Senior Vice President of Digital Services at Unigo, come onto the show and discuss the unique college scholarships that are available to students. If your child loves zombies or perhaps has the funniest stories, then they can apply for a scholarship that's based on their interests and not just their grades. With the ever-rising cost of college, scholarships are an important piece of financial planning when sending your child to college.

The plethora of investment information available to everyone these days can be very helpful, but also confusing when investors are just getting started. ETFs and mutual funds are similar (and popular) investment vehicles for people just getting started with investing, but there are costly differences between them. Matt and Eddie dig into these differences on this week's show. Take a listen to learn these differences, and then read this week's blog which also breaks down these differences.

The guys then wrap things up by taking a closer look at where the terms "bull" and "bear" market originated. The reasoning might surprise you. Take a listen!

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Positive Economic Data Despite Negative Headlines

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Matt and Eddie explore why they believe the media feels the need to remake good financial or economic news into "bad" news. We've all seen the headlines which seem to say that the sky is falling. These Chicken Littles know better than that, though. Planning for retirement isn't always simple, so the guys look at how you can approach your retirement plan like you're training for a marathon. It's about breaking your big plans into more obtainable small goals.

The guys then talk about an article from Daily Finance that inspired them this past week. Everyone wants to put themselves into a better place financially, so Matt and Eddie break down some simple yet brilliant ways to do it.

We have a new segment titled Thrift Shop where Eddie breaks out some unique ways for you to save money. Eddie loves to share a good deal. Be sure to listen as he gives listeners options on saving cash.

There is a difference between investors and traders that many people seem to miss. Sure these groups overlap in some ways, but hear how Matt and Eddie explain the difference between investors like Warren Buffet or Wela compared to day-traders who are more focused on making a quick buck.

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How China May Impact The US Economy

During this wonderful Labor Day Weekend, Matt and Eddie are talking about the US economy and addressing the fears that they're hearing from investors. After another rough week in the markets, Matt and Eddie address the "bear" in the room and discuss how China's market may impact the US economy.

The guys then ask, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" You probably answered no, so why are you doing that with your investments? Instead of following the herd, the guys suggest you build your investment decision pyramid. Here's our template: Pyramid For Investment Decisions.

During times of market volatility, it's a great time to revisit the advice of some of the greatest investors. We're talking about Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. Take a listen to learn what they said. Also, here's the article Matt references about Warren and Jimmy Buffett: Opinion: 11 secrets to happiness, inspired by the cheeseburgers of Warren and Jimmy Buffett.

Take a listen, and if you still have questions about what to do during market volatility, shoot us an email. We’re always here to answer questions.

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How To Cope With Stock Market Volatility

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Mitch Reiner, co-founder of Wela, COO of Capital Investment Advisors and Matt's brother, joins Matt on the show as Eddie takes a Saturday off. The guys dive into the crazy stock market action that's been happening over the past week and discuss how to cope with stock market volatility. Their secret? Don't panic.

Listen to hear why it doesn't make sense (or cents) to try and time the market. You won't believe the amount the stock market jumped up in just five days between 2009 and 2013! Imagine if you'd tried to sit on the sidelines then...

The guys then tell us the story of the worst investor ever (who's thankfully made up). If you'd like to read the story they're referring to, just click here.

The guys wrap up the show by talking about saving. When you want to panic about the market, instead focus on what you can control... how much you can save!

Take a listen, and if you still have questions about what to do during market volatility, shoot us an email. We're always here to answer questions.


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August 22nd 2015: The Money Revolution By Wela

On this week's radio show, the guys first talk about the stock market volatility currently underway that might make you question your current investment strategy. Hear how Matt and Eddie suggest you handle troubling times like this. (Here's a hint, it doesn't involve panicking.) Technology is continuing to become smarter and easier to use, but would you let a robot invest your money? The guys dive into the background on robo-advisors and talk about how these work and why they don't always work for everyone. Learn about the robo- and financial advisor hybrid, digital advisors, which give you the convenience of a robo-advisor and the personalized advice of a traditional financial advisor.

Deciding how much you need to save for retirement ultimately depends on your spending gap. Hear how the Wela team defines and finds your spending gap.

The guys the give you their "loose change" - fun facts that the guys have collected over the last week. This week's loose change includes  some different facts about the stock market's performance over the last couple of months.

The guys then say, "Just do it." They're not talking about Nike, though. Getting started with investing sometimes involves jumping through mental hoops. Listen to why Matt and Eddie believe that advisors can be helpful when getting started.


If you have questions you’d like the guys to answer on the radio, just call 404-367-9478 either before or during the show. Then listen in on Saturday to hear your answer!

Take a listen and start your money revolution.

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August 15th 2015: The Money Revolution By Wela

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela the guys dig into Social Security. Will it be here when you need it? These guys think so... and you can listen to their reasoning here. The guys then share how many people currently have student loans. You won't believe the number of people who are currently defaulting on them.

Google announced their plans to reorganize themselves into Alphabet last week, and the guys break down what this means for investors.

There is one number that sums up your financial situation, and it isn't your FICO credit score. Learn what your debt-to-income ratio says about you.

The guys then look at the smart decision that Detriot Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles is making by living off of only $60,000 a year even with his multimillion dollar contract in place.


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August 8th 2015: The Money Revolution By Wela

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Matt and Eddie ask the question, what does "wealth" mean to you? Not everyone has the same definition. We love Warren Buffett and admire his method of investing ... but what if we don't want to invest the exact same way that he does? What if we're looking for newer industries or more risk? How can we protect ourselves? The guys have the answer for you here.

Matt and Eddie then outline the steps that most people can take to reach $1 million in savings. Why? Because (let's be real) we all want to know exactly what it'd take to get there.

Matt and Eddie then discuss the GOP Debate from last week as well. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump so far?

The guys then look at something so risky that insurance companies don't even want to offer insurance on it anymore... long-term care. If you're interested in reading some of Len Penzo's blog that Matt and Eddie mention, just click here.


If you have questions you’d like the guys to answer on the radio, just call 404-367-9478 either before or during the show. Then listen in on Saturday to hear your answer!

Take a listen and start your money revolution.

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August 1st 2015: The Money Revolution By Wela

This week on The Money Revolution the guys are celebrating Eddie passing the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ exam! After some late nights, early mornings and plenty of studying, Eddie is officially a CFP® professional. The guys then dig into a story that was brought to light in Atlanta, but it's been a topic in the national news. There was recently a college student in Atlanta who called into a (different) popular radio show to talk with the hosts about how she's blown through the $90,000 college fund her grandparents gave her, and she still has one year of college left. The guys give their breakdown on this situation and discuss the finer points of estate planning and financial literacy.

Then Matt and Eddie explore why 25% of employees are simply saying, "no thanks," to free money. Is this you?

Mutual Funds and ETFs are some of these guys' favorite investment tools, but watch out for what they're calling, "The Worst Mutual Fund Ever"... listen to learn which one they're talking about.

The guys are often asked, "Should I buy or lease a car?" Check out the last part of Saturday's radio show to learn the guys' guidelines when it comes to deciding on buying vs. leasing.


If you have questions you’d like the guys to answer on the radio, just call 404-367-9478 either before or during the show. Then listen in on Saturday to hear your answer!

Take a listen and start your money revolution.

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