Wela gets a new Website, Benjamin gets a new look.


It's a big day in the history of Wela. Today, we're rolling out a brand new website and a brand new look for Benjamin. As we continue to push forward in our quest to create positive change for our users, we hope that our new Website and Benjamin serve as the first blocks in building a community of people with one goal in mind: Living their best lives. Below you'll see our official press release on the changes, but I wanted to make a few comments beforehand.

Why did we change our site?

"Companies are meant to evolve, and our digital storefronts need to do the same. As we continue to grow, our focus remains the same- change people's lives for the better by changing their finances for the better."  
-Wela CEO Matt Reiner

For people who have been users of Wela for a while, you've undoubtedly noticed a shift in what we have communicated Wela to be. With a foundation in Financial advice, we began in 2012 exclusively providing insights on retirement, investing, and asset allocation. As time has passed, and technology has evolved, we've challenged ourselves to think of new ways to meet our users where their finances are at today, not just where they'll be down the road. Benjamin is our solution to the needs of everyday families looking to accomplish their goals like becoming debt free, purchasing their first home, or taking a trip to Europe. We think Benjamin is the future of your finances so we designed our new website around him and what he can do for you.

Why did we change Benjamin's Icon?

"Benjamin needed to look fresh, modern and feel like the user could relate when it comes to talking finances. We wanted to make Benjamin feel like a butler and make sure he could take care of all of their financial needs" Lead Designer, Ethan A. 

Who is Benjamin: Picture the most influential butlers in pop culture history. Geoffrey from Fresh Prince, Alfred from Batman, or even Jarvis, the Artificial intelligence butler from The Avengers might come to mind. Although they have different personalities, they all share a few fundamental traits. They're all smart, warm, a little snarky, and incredibly helpful. We've combined the best of these qualities with machine learning to create Benjamin.  When it comes to your finances, Benjamin is your personal butler, and he's as cool as Geoffrey, as helpful as Alfred and as smart as Jarvis without any of the snarkiness.

Press Release

Wela Brings New Focus to AI-Powered Bot Benjamin with Website Revamp

Fintech company addresses immediate personal finance concerns for its users with personalized, machine learning-informed advice

ATLANTA – April 17, 2018 – Wela, a fintech company that blends artificial intelligence (AI) with human advisors, today announces the redesign of its website and AI-powered chatbot Benjamin. The new version of the site encapsulates the company’s shift from primarily providing insights on retirement, investing and asset allocation to one that delivers new ways to address users’ more immediate financial concerns. Wela’s chatbot, Benjamin, is now at the forefront of the site, as his role in driving users’ personal finance journeys has evolved over the years. He has also experienced a refresh, with an updated icon that makes him look more relatable, professional and capable of meeting users’ financial needs.

The focus on Benjamin is a result of Wela’s continuing commitment to the development of the AI technology’s capabilities. Benjamin is Wela’s solution to the needs of everyday families looking to accomplish goals like becoming debt-free, purchasing their first home or taking a trip to Europe. Benjamin aggregates the information from the user’s bank accounts and credit cards, offering a breakdown of where every dollar is coming and going. He then calculates a Daily Spend Limit based on that information. The Daily Spend Limit is the amount of money the user can spend guilt-free each day while still paying all of their bills and saving for their financial goals. Benjamin also breaks down users’ net worth, and is available to answer questions via his chatbot interface.

“As Wela has grown and technology has advanced, we’ve embraced the philosophy that the most impactful financial advice on our everyday lives is advice that is available in whatever form, whenever, wherever and however you want to receive it. For many people, that’s through the easy accessibility and functionality of the Wela app and the conversations they can have with Benjamin about their finances,” said Matt Reiner, CEO and cofounder of Wela. “With that in mind, we wanted to communicate that Benjamin serves as your financial butler. The refresh of his look is meant to help better signify his role to Wela’s users and that he can take care of all of your financial needs.”

The updated site also includes more information on Benjamin for Business, an aspect of Wela’s services that allows companies to integrate Benjamin’s technology and chatbot capabilities into their websites and apps to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers. Other business offerings include a 401k plan and an employee financial wellness platform. The site also features an updated FAQs page with a searchable function that allows users to find answers more efficiently.

“The updated site symbolizes the future of Wela – one that embraces the needs of the individual and addresses their current financial situation, while also embracing our technology’s capacity for serving the enterprise,” said Reiner. For more information on Wela and to experience the new site, visit https://getwela.com. The Wela app is available for download at https://goo.gl/Lxj1MU.