That's Rich Episode 9 "13 Reasons Why"(Recap)

"Rich in knowledge, rich in happiness, rich in laughs, and just maybe a nugget or two actually makes you money rich." - Wela CEO Matt Reiner

Buckle up your seatbelts...
With Evan missing episode 8 of That's Rich last week, it was only natural that Matt would take the opportunity this week to pay him back with his absence in episode 9. And, just like last week, our trusted closer, Eddie stepped in to hold down the fort. Evan took full advantage of Matt's absence by writing his version of an opening monologue and sign off that featured him as the "pilot" of the plane. 

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a semi-smooth trip with Evan and Eddie as your pilot and co-pilot for episode 9 of That's Rich.

And we're off...
With our first trending article of the day, the guys go down a list of 13 things you're doing that makes people dislike you. While Eddie was seemingly innocent throughout, there was one that Evan admitted to often doing. Number eleven on the list was "Acting like you don't like someone." Evan immediately conceded that it's something he does to keep up with his nonchalant image. Eddie then quipped that he had stopped doing that in the sixth grade. 

The last item in the list was namedropping. Both of the guys confessed to doing this and proceeded to namedrop some of the biggest celebrities they've met. You'll want to hear about the time Evan ran into Clint Eastwood at a bar. Trust me, it's as good as it sounds.

You may now use larger devices...
With Eddie being a self-described beer aficionado, he naturally used his voice time during our "The More You Know" segment to inform listeners of changes in Georgia law that now allow for individual consumers to buy craft beers straight from breweries. I can hear your cheers from here. But seriously, it is a pretty cool change in the law. 

With Evan's time, he dropped some serious knowledge on anyone in customer service or ever read a Yelp review and wondered why most of them are negative. Per Evan's research, dissatisfied people tell anywhere from 9-15 people about the negative experience they had. Conversely, satisfied people only telly between 4-6 people about a positive experience they had. Maybe this is the reason you all don't share our podcast episodes with your friends. You all are so satisfied that you keep it to yourself. (But seriously, let everyone know how great That's Rich is.)

Snacks and beverages
Have you guys seen this amazing story? It's being deemed as the greatest new tradition in sports. I won't go into details because there's some serious waterworks going on right now on my keyboard but watch the video and listen to the guys explain their reactions to watching it live.

Initial descent
So, since Matt was off today, there wasn't any of the usual friction on sensitivity around this segment, which is good. The extra time allowed for Evan to ask the question, why do people use the term, just "ping' me? Better yet, what is "ping" anyways? Eddie thinks that people who use the terminology are slightly doing a humble brag. What do you guys think, do you use the word "ping?" Listen to the whole exchange here on why Eddie thinks you might be a jerk if you do.

Final descent
Wrapping up with a fascinating video about what age you're the best at different things. A couple of ages of note, if you're over 23, you're already past the age people have the highest satisfaction with life. Over 25? Well, you're past the age of when your muscles are their strongest. Two more ages that stuck out to me: 31 is the age in which you're the best at playing chess. And between ages 75-84, is when you're naturally the most comfortable with your body. So, you've got that to look forward to.

Landing the plane...
So that's another episode of That's Rich, this time Evan piloted it. How'd he do? Listen to the whole podcast here for more trending topics and some behind the scenes action. Also, remember to subscribe to the show and watch the guys go Live on Facebook every Monday at 10:30 pm. Eastern time.