That's Rich Episode 8 "Blast from the Past" (Recap)

"Rich in knowledge, rich in happiness, rich in laughs, and just maybe a nugget or two actually makes you money rich." - Wela CEO Matt Reiner


The Run down:

1. Special guest/Blast from the past
Evan had daddy duties this week so we brought in Wela COO Eddie Goepp from the bullpen. His voice might be familiar to longtime fans of Wela from an earlier rendition of our podcast, titled What The Finance. In fact, one Facebook user immediately recognized Eddie and commented, "This sounds and looks familiar." Well, it definitely is.  With Eddie's background as a financial advisor and his broad knowledge of both the obscure and trending, he brought an interesting take to our trending topics section. 

2. The Robots are taking over
Since Hollywood became fascinated with the idea of robots and what they could ultimately become, artificial intelligence and the fear of it have been top of mind for many people. This week, it made its way to the trending topics section on That's Rich. And although this is a subject Evan loves to theorize about, Matt picked up the slack by starting with a description of a movie that sounded both scary and eerily similar to something I've seen before. He describes it as "a scene from a movie, I've never seen before but they created this artificially intelligent human being who became knowledgeable and started figuring out things on their own and left the robotic area that it was created in and ultimately it tried to take over the world. And no, it's not Terminator." Listen here to decide for yourself, but to me, that sounds a lot like that movie Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in, in 1984. Later on, Eddie says we've got nothing to fear because even if robots tried to take over, they'd have to fight against over six billion humans. Which, ironically sounds similar to the plot of I, Robot, but I digress.

What do you guys think, how worried should we be about artificial intelligence?

3. Married to mobile
Much of the public discourse around phones and social media nowadays focuses on the overuse of them and the lack of real relationships that come as a result of being so connected. Eddie sums this point up perfectly by saying, "it's never been easier to connect with people and yet the quality of the connections is lower." Matt said his solution for this is to disconnect when you're with someone you care about. He and his wife have a policy of no phones and no T.V. while eating dinner. Later on, Eddie tells a story of how finding out something about someone on social media made things awkward for him in real life. Listen to his story here.

By the way, asking for a friend, do you think social media has made us less personable?

4. Speaking of Asking for a friend
Not sure if it was purely because Evan was out for the day or if Matt did an extra set of smiles in the morning but, he was finally able to admit that the "Asking for a friend" segment of the show is a sensitive subject for him. With this out on the table, Matt was able to ask a question, for a friend. I won't spoil Matt's question; you'll just have to listen here for yourself. I imagine it's a question you've pondered before as well.

5. Atlanta's Westside Project
For anyone who lives in Atlanta or has been to Atlanta in the last year or so, it's tough not to notice what's going on in West Midtown. Already an attractive location because of proximity to almost all of the trendy places around town, it just received another 32 million in funding for the "Westside Project.." Connecting the hipster-friendly beltline with a park that's said to be thirty percent bigger than Piedmont park will make it the main attraction for millennials and older generations alike. You can read about all of the proposed additions here.

So, that's a quick recap of episode 8 of That's Rich. Listen to the whole podcast here for more trending topics and some behind the scenes action. Also, remember to subscribe to the show and watch the guys go Live on Facebook every Monday at 10:30 pm. Eastern time.