That's Rich Episode 7 "The Return" (Recap)

The Run Down

"Rich in knowledge, rich in happiness, rich in laughs, and just maybe a nugget or two actually makes you money rich." - Wela CEO Matt Reiner

1. We're back: After a week and a half between episodes because of Hurricane Irma and some staffing issues(Evan), we're back and better. We missed you guys.

2. Apple releases iPhone 8 and X: Speaking of being back and better, you may have heard this but the iPhone is back with two new versions. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are set to release later this month at a staggering price of $1,000. However, the price isn't what has the guys worried. The new iPhone comes with facial recognition, which Evan says might be an invasion of privacy...But then again, what does he have to hide?
Take a look at all of the new features of iPhone 8 and iPhone X

3. Amazon Headquarters: Although Matt said he did his smile routine this morning, you really wouldn't be able to tell considering how upset he was over this article. Matt's main beef with the article is that it doesn't include Atlanta as a serious contender for Amazon's new 5 billion dollar headquarters and the over 50,000 employees they'll hire in the city they choose. Maybe he should have read this article instead.  One of our viewers commented "- They won't give enough well-paying jobs... Doesn't matter if it's full time" Matt quipped " A paying job is better than no job." Evan thinks that if Amazon were to choose Atlanta, it might lead to an unexpected negative happening for the city. Listen to the exchange here

What do you guys think? What city should Amazon choose as the site of their second headquarters? And will it even matter in the end?

4. The more you know: In a recurring theme in one of our recurring segments, The more you know or TMYK, Evan continues Matt's bafflement with how private or direct messages(PM, DM) work on social media platforms. Evan shares with Matt that for someone to direct message you, you have to actually have your messages open or unlocked. Matt tries to make sense of this, still not sure if it worked.  Listen here and let me know.

5. Asking for a friend: So, for our listeners who have been around for a while, you know that this is always a very intense section of the show. Luckily for Matt, this week went smoothly. Matt asked(for a friend) how exactly do hurricanes form? Evan confidently responded that hurricanes are a collection of thunderstorms(they're not.) If you're curious, take a look here on how hurricanes are actually formed. And listen here to the not so tense, tense section of the show.

6. Pitch a Product: So in another recurring section, the guys pitch a product. It can be something already on the market or just something that comes to them in the middle of the night. This week they chose the usually mundane idea that is Self-help books. Before you stop reading, consider this -How often do you get to hear two CEOs pitch products, even if they are of the snooze variety? I'm assuming not often. I won't steal their thunder here, but I will tell you that Matt describes his book as "simply life changing."

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