That's Rich Episode 12 "Down with OPP" (Recap)

"Rich in knowledge, rich in happiness, rich in laughs, and just maybe a nugget or two actually makes you money rich." - Wela CEO Matt Reiner

What's going on guys? We're officially 12 episodes into That's Rich. So, it's no longer a fluke. 

Since we're still being allowed to go on with Episode 12, here's a quick recap. Listen to the whole episode here and subscribe to the podcast here.

1.  Welcome the new girl
This week, we added a new co-host to the show. Meet Morgan, the associate product manager here at Wela. She's incredibly business savvy and can talk in depth about college football and the NBA, especially her Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Cavaliers. Also, she's a lot nicer than Evan all the while dolling out hot takes. Everyone join me in giving Morgan a welcoming round of applause.

2. Down with OPP
Last week, Matt recalled a story about him and his wife while they were at a wedding. She showed one reason why she's way cooler than him by knowing what "OPP" stood for when the song "OPP" was played. After the show, we received an email from a fan (rightfully) shaming Matt for not knowing what the acronym stood for. So, on this week's show, Matt looked to address the issue. He immediately put Morgan in the spotlight by asking her if she knew what it meant. And to my surprise, she didn't. 

3.  Pornhub
As our listeners know, Matt and Evan are big fans of...Artificial intelligence. What'd you think I was going to say? In a segment that I thought would be a more sensitive subject to talk about, Matt freely gushed over Pornhub's use of AI to tag and organize its "content" more appropriately. Evan and Morgan chimed in by with the usual "Machines are going to take over the world." Either way, it's a great segment to listen to if you're a fan of Artificial intelligence or...

4.  TMYK
I always like to leave you all with an educational piece of the show. In our fan-favorite segment, The more you know, Matt and Evan dropped some pretty cool knowledge. First, did you know that NBA players get a per diem of $106 every day of a road trip? Well, Morgan did. For reference, the average NBA salary is $6 million per year. Where do I sign up? Or, did you know that dogs couldn't see what was on T.V. before modern televisions? What a poor life for dogs. Now, they have their own channel to watch when their owners are away. Crazy, The more you know...

So that's it for another episode of That's Rich. Tweet me @jwoodsmedia to let me know how we did. Listen to the whole podcast here for more trending topics and some behind the scenes action. Also, remember to subscribe to the show and watch the guys go Live on Facebook every Monday at 10:30 pm. Eastern time.