Who Is Wela? Let Us Show You

Want to know more about us and understand how our new suite of online tools can help you toward your financial goals? Watch our interview with Atlanta Tech Edge to learn more.

Here's our blurb on Who We Are. Stay tuned for more about What We Do.

Technology has been an incredible phenomenon throughout our Generation X/Y lives, but recently things have moved to another level. Due to social media and entrepreneurial adventures, we have closed some interesting Supply/Demand gaps. Some examples:

#1 Uber: Empty limos meets needy passengers with poor taxi options #2 Munchery: Sous chefs with free time during the day meets families looking for good meal options delivered to their door. #3 And now….Wela: People with less than $200K who need honest advice meets advisors who have built a technology-focused model to serve these customers.

We're shaking things up in the financial advisor world. If you’re 30 or 35, you have financial questions. How will you get them answered?

Maybe you’ll call the Northwestern Mutual insurance agent that’s been bugging you since college. Doubt it.

Maybe you’ll call your best friend and go hat-in-hand and disclose all of the guilt that you may have about not saving enough already. Not happening.

You could call your parents’ financial advisor who will tell you that she remembers when you were just “yay tall”. Nope. Not interested.

The reality is that we don’t want to leave our offices for an hour to drive to another office building to park in the parking deck, walk through some fancy lobby, take the elevator up 19 floors to great views and bottled water and sit across the table from our “advisor” while they tell us how smart they are. We want to save the time it takes to do this, to get off work early and hit Sweetwater on a perfect May day. So when I need my financial questions answered, I will schedule a 15 minute chat session or FaceTime call to ask the questions I need and be done with it.

I will know that my accounts are being watched, monitored and traded because my advisor is proactively letting me know via the channels that I pay attention to (Email, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.). They’ll tell me about the joker politicians in Washington and Facebook’s IPO and how this is going to affect my money, my investments and my overall plan.

This is the type of financial advisor relationship that I want because I love making my dinner reservations on my phone through OpenTable and ordering my ride to Gunshow on my Uber app. This is the way that you and I consume information and choose to live our lives, so why shouldn’t we do the same with your financial advisor. This is what Wela is and will continue to improve being.

Establishing a relationship with Wela starts with a click to www.yourwela.com. We encourage you to start with our Stack Up tool, which will give you the opportunity to compare where you stand financially among your peers (ranked by gender, age, and more). From there, register for a free account. There's no strings attached. You can utilize YourWela and our suite of online tools to simply set financial goals. Or you can schedule a meeting with an advisor- as many as you want- at no charge, with no obligation, and however you want whether it's FaceTime, Skype, or face to face.

Have you tried YourWela yet? How has it helped you?