[INFOGRAPHIC] Indexing Your Indexes

We constantly hear about how market indexes like the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones have performed but have you ever wondered about how these indexes came to be or exactly how they work? This inforgraphic quickly breaks out their history and some general information about the biggest indexes in the game.

indexing-your-indexes (2)


[Infographic] Valentine's Day By The Numbers

Valentine's Day can be a bit polarizing. Some accept and look forward to a day of romance and alone time with their loved ones, while others think it's a pointless day manufactured by greeting card companies. Regardless of on which side of the fence you fall, one thing is true: the money spent on Valentine's day is staggering. Our infographic shows you who is spending what on Valentine's day and all the money it's raking in.


Calculating Your Budget

When thinking through your budget, it's easy to forget or leave off certain expenses. This week's infographic will hopefully help you with remembering the many different variables that feed into your budget.

Calculating Your Budget

A Road Map To Reaching Your Financial Goals

Getting a plan together on how you will actually reach your financial goals can be the most difficult step in the process of actually reaching your financial goals. We're trying to simplify that step in this week's infographic. Use our road map to help you put together your plan for reaching your financial goals. road map to reach financial goals Copy