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Time To Join The Amazon Some may say it's too late, but Jeff Bezos could care less… Amazon has released a phone. Its most prominent feature seems to be that it makes it really easy to buy everything on Amazon. You just hold up the camera of the phone to the things you like and it looks to see if they have it on Amazon. You can then click to buy it. Oh, and it's 3D. All their gimmicks are really just to tie you further into being an Amazon user and probably spending money you shouldn't. Read More

U-S-A, U-S-A It's the World Cup, so for the first time in four years (since the last World Cup) USA is actually watching soccer. The best part is that if you were watching our first game you weren't let down! If you really want to get to the next game in Manaus on Sunday it's just $2,957.47 on Atlanta's airline, Delta. Maybe it's best we just post up at a local bar sporting our red, white and blue. Read More

Put Religion On Your Resume? Only If You Are Jewish That's what a study by researchers at the University of Connecticut found recently. They sent out 3,200 fake applications to 800 jobs and found that of those who put a religion on the resume that the Jewish applicants were more likely to get an early response than any other religion. The Jewish people have another thing to celebrate this Sabbath. Read More

Get Your Free iPhone Now! Seriously, get a free iPhone, but you only get it for seven days and it's on T-Mobile's service. In a bid to continue winning over new customers T-Mobile is giving people a free iPhone 5s for seven days, while also allowing for music streaming apps to not hurt your data bill. The real question here is what are they going to do with all those used iPhones after those seven days? Read More

Sports Fans Lose A Legend Hall Fame baseball player, Tony Gwynn, died this week at the age of 54. Stats definitely don't do this man justice as he has been labeled one of the nicest guys around, but the fact that he only had 1 three-strikeout game ever in 19 seasons (10,232 at bats) blows our mind especially as we watch BJ Upton have those routinely! Check out these other mind blowing stats on Tony Gwynn. Read More