Don't Miss This Dream!

You have worked hard today, it’s time to take a break. We all love to dream about all our fantasies coming true.  For women, it may be dinner with Brad Pitt.  For men, it may be Prom with Mila Kunis.  For me, it would be drinks with Jennifer Anniston… she just never ages!

Whatever it is, let’s dream together for a couple of seconds….

The Situation

In light of Mark Zuckerberg’s massive profits from stock options last year ($3.3 billion to be exact), let’s look at some houses that may tickle our fancy….

The List

5. Think Wimbledon, water park and New York… And you come up with this beauty in Southampton, NY.  It’s selling at a bit of a premium, but who doesn’t like grass tennis courts and sweet pools, live a little!  For a just over $43 million, you can have it!

4. Here is 7.6 acres on a lake, with seclusion in New York!  Unheard of.  This beauty is a deal.  After a recent price cut of nearly $20 million, we can buy privacy for just over $49 million.  Along with the luscious acres of green grass, we get a wine cellar the size of our current house!

3. We are going back, back to Cali.  Picture this:  sitting inside your house, with your walls, literally, open, sipping some Dom Pérignon, overlooking the Pacific Ocean!  Well, this beauty in Malibu, California allows for that and it only costs $54 million!

2. Maybe walls opening up to the Pacific wasn’t enough?  Well, with this special property, not only do living rooms open to the Pacific, you can play tennis while looking at the Pacific and your bedroom walls open up to the Pacific.  There is nothing like a little Pacific breeze to wake you up.  It’s only $3.5 million more than house number 3… might as well splurge!

1. This one takes the cake!  Despite not having the ocean, this house wraps everything into one.  With this, you get seclusion like no other (basically have your own island), amazing views, nearly 51 acres to roam and 12 bedrooms, enough for your closest friends.  Oh, and you get a grass tennis court, pool and a rose garden overlooking, basically, your own lake.  All of this in Connecticut for $130 million!

Reality makes me sick

Most of us are sitting here and looking at these homes only dreaming to one day be INVITED to one of them.  For Zuckerberg, with just what he earned in 2013, he could buy all five of our favorite spots and still have multiple billions to utilize to buy furniture, boats, tennis gear and whatever else he needed to make these places even more awesome!

That’s disgusting.

Well, for me at least, it’s back to reality.  I just woke up from my luxurious dream (slobber and all) and am back on Facebook… helping to feed the already giant beast!

I do have some more reachable dreams in reality, though. So real in fact, I’ve set goals to achieve them. now has a tool that after signing in through the Stack Up tool allows you to input your dream. Whether it’s a car or a down payment on a house, you just put in how much you need to save and the amount of time you have to reach your goal, and then it helps you track your progress.

If your goal is one of the houses above, I hope you either have a long time to achieve it, or the paycheck to reach it quickly!