The Wela Whip - This Is Far From An Accord, The Business Of Lost Luggage, New Marijuana Kick, Will The Real Bank Of America Please Stand Up, Making A Mess In Texas




This Is Far From An Accord A recent survey found that the Honda Accord is the most stolen used car for 2013. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) accounted for 53,995 Accords being stolen. The next most stolen car… Honda Civic. That's not the summer clearance Honda was expecting! In no way would this be an agreement or deal anyone in their right mind would sign up for, unfortunately it's still happening though. Read More

The Business Of Lost Luggage Losing your luggage when traveling is one of (if not the most) annoying aspects of flying. They have to locate the luggage which could be in Timbuktu and get it to you at your place as you continue wearing the same clothes from your flight. For your bag that goes unclaimed for 90 days, though, the airlines find a new home for it . . . in Alabama . . . and your stuff within the bags is eventually sold. Talk about a possible gold mine! This is a must read. Read More

The New Marijuana Kick… And It's Close To Home Colorado and Washington state are riding high on the recent legalization of marijuana, but our own state, Georgia, is now being featured in the news with regards to cannabis. A recent drug bust in Roswell, Georgia found a new use for marijuana… as a wax! Students have been using the wax-like lip balm and feeling the sensations of the drug (and more). Authorities say using the lip balm is like smoking 15-20 joints of weed… HOLY SH**! Read More

Will The Real Bank Of America Please Stand Up? It's not like we are talking about pennies here, either. Bank of America is paying the United States government $16.8 BILLION! This is a settlement to end all federal and state probes into the company's mortgage bond sales. This is the largest settlement ever. JPMorgan settled for $13 billion, while Citi settled for $7 billion. That totals to $36.8 billion. The Federal government seems to be the real Bank of America with those numbers! Read More

Making A Mess In Texas Usually the smiling mug shots are for those who don't remember that they had to take one, but not for the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. The Governor (who has been contemplating running for the Republican nomination for president) was charged with two felony charges of abuse of power. This meant he had to turn himself in and have a mug shot taken. The mug shot isn't too bad… maybe he can use it for his upcoming campaign. Read More