Wela Whip - Apple’s Most Expensive Computer Doesn’t Have iTunes, LinkedIn Owes A Thank You To Microsoft, A 25K Hail Mary, Good News UGA Fans, Finish The Drill

Apple’s Most Expensive Computer Doesn’t Have iTunes?!? A vintage Apple computer, one of only 50 made, was auctioned off this week by Bonhams auction house. Expected to fetch between $300K - $500K, the Apple-1 sold for $905,000!! This vintage 1976 computer was built in Steve Jobs’ garage. Makes today’s Mac look like a steal. Read More

Good News (Hopefully) For Georgia Bulldog Fans After receiving the heartbreaking news of Todd Gurley’s suspension, the University of Georgia has applied for reinstatement for the star running back and Heisman hopeful. As fans wait with bated breath, Georgia Alumni can take pride in their University for the way things have been handled. With all the shady action (to put it nicely) in college football, Georgia has undoubtedly taken the high road in this matter. Read More

Jeff Weiner Owes A Big “Thank You” To Microsoft’s Hank Vigil… …and maybe $23 Billion dollars! LinkedIn’s founder Jeff Weiner was close to a deal with Microsoft to sell his business for $2B, which would have been a great success story. But lucky for him, Mr. Vigil thought the price was too rich and refused to pull the trigger. Now, LinkedIn is a $25B public company. A good lesson that patience is not only a virtue but can also be profitable! Read More

A $25K Hail Mary That Saved A Start-Up That Hail Mary was a blow-out party in Washington, D.C. Hinge, which is essentially a dating app like Tinder but only connects friends of friends and 3rd-degree connections, spent its last $25K on a launch party to generate buzz. They’ve now raised over $8.6M and are making over 8 million matches per day. Check out the story behind the founder, Justin McLeod. Read More

Finish The Drill Ever wonder how successful people end each day? Check out this list of 13 things successful people do in the last 10 minutes of each workday. No more sitting by the clock waiting to yell Yaba-Daba-Doo!! Read More