The Wela Whip - Argentina goes 0 of 2, A photo sharing bubble, Cheesecake Factory loses, Whole Foods has some competition, DC's baby boom

wela whip


Argentina goes 0 of 2 First the country was defeated in the World Cup finals, and now they are defeated within the global financial markets. The country defaulted on their debt for the second time since 2002. This is like if you weren't able to make a mortgage payment ... Argentina isn't able to make payments to the holders of their debt. The only difference is the bondholders can't take control of the country. Read More

Is this a photo sharing bubble? Alibaba hasn’t been a stranger to the spotlight recently given their potential IPO this Fall. This, by the way, could be one of the largest tech IPOs ever. However, this week they made headlines regarding a possible investment in the photo messaging app, Snapchat. Most folks are aware of the app, Snapchat, that allows users to send pictures that disappear in a matter of seconds, but did you know it was worth $10 billion?! Although, I’m sure Brett Farve would describe its utility as “priceless”…Too bad the Stanford students created the app after his stint with the Jets. Read More

Finally, they may be getting the (price) point Sometimes grocery shopping at Whole Foods makes you feel like you need to take out a second mortgage just to cover the bill. Good news, though, that may be changing since the company is beginning to see steep competition in the organic food space. What's more, it's beginning to impact their revenues. Competition may just become organic food lovers best friend! Read More

Cheesecake Factory loses the battle, but wins the war The Cheesecake Factory didn't capture the title for the highest caloric meal. Red Robin actually won with a meal that provides a whopping 3,540 calories! However, the Cheesecake Factory didn't leave the "Xtreme Eating Awards" empty handed. They actually took home the most trophies! Out of nine categories for this unhealthy food awards, Cheesecake Factory took home 3 of them. Is this really that shocking? Read More

Politicians knew exactly what they were doing Remember last October when the government shutdown for a couple of weeks? Did you ever wonder what those furloughed workers would do with all their spare time? It's becoming more evident as the number of births are on the rise in Washington DC… 9 months after that shutdown. Politicians shut down the government to cause a mini baby boom…duh! Read More