Simplifying Your Business Through Process, Organization, and Technology

There’s nothing simple about being an RIA. Educating clients on their finances, determining risk tolerance, and staying updated on investment strategies and market analyzations can’t merely be done with the push of a button. One way to begin simplifying your business is by managing your clients more efficiently and increasing your bandwidth.

How can I simplify my daily activities?


Process, organization, and technology are the three stepping stones of simplification. As an RIA, your day-to-day activities are created around these three main components. Each area of your work, whether it be educating clients or developing investment strategies, are crafted by a certain process. The process for every firm may be different, but each one has a designed process set in place.


After a process is defined, organization is implemented. Organization includes what tasks you will be spending time on and for how long, as well as how you arrange client information and files. The biggest weakness amongst RIAs is lack of organization. Finding a system to organize client files and daily tasks is the easiest way to simplify your daily activities.


Technology is the holy grail of simplification. With the advancements of finance technology, simplification has become easier to illustrate. However, finding technology that encompasses processes and organization while still maintaining the ability to craft real client-advisor relationships can be tricky. As an RIA, maintaining organization is imperative, but developing a relationship with clients is even more important.

At Wela, we have worked hard to develop a game-changing tool for RIAs. Keeping in mind the importance of process, organization, and client-advisor relationships, we have developed Benjamin, a tool that can simplify your daily processes while enhancing your client relationships.

Benjamin is able to group your clients for easy, intelligent communication. Organizing your clients and their files, integrating important tools, and creating tasks and schedules have been simplified to fit into an all-in-one tool. Not only is Benjamin easy to use, but it’s simple for your clients to become integrated as well.
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