Refer a friend, win $250.

Congratulations to Laporcia W. from Delray Beach, Florida, our referral winner for the month of November. 

I was able to chat with Laporcia recently and chat with her about her financial goals and more.

Here's what she had to say:

1. For starters, where are you from, and how old are you?

"I'm 26 years old, and I'm from Delray Beach, Florida."

Ironically, I recently visited Del Ray. It's beautiful. If you're ever there, check out the Pineapple Grove Arts District and thank me later.

2. How would you describe your current financial situation?

"I would describe my current financial situation as on the right track as far as retirement savings is concerned, but not so great when it comes to credit card debt and personal savings. However, I am pretty good at keeping up with my debt pay down goals, and I have recently set up a 3-month emergency savings account."

Great job on setting up an emergency savings account, you're already ahead of the curve there.

3. What're your financial goals for 2018?

"My 2018 financial goals are for each of my credit cards to be at 10% or less of limit and emergency savings account fully funded for at least six months."

Six months emergency savings will really give you peace of mind. You can do it!

4. How long have you been using Wela? How has it helped you with your finances?

"I have been using Wela for one month, and it has helped me see how much debt I have (and how to pay it down). It has also helped me set a daily spend limit, which helps me see when I am most likely to splurge (which I tend to do a lot).

Budgeting sucks. Daily Spend Limit instead.

5. Who is your favorite sports team or celebrity?

"I do not have a favorite celebrity or sports team, but if I had to choose one, it would be Beyonce and the Dallas Cowboys (only because it's my husband's favorite team)."

Can't go wrong with Queen Bee.

6. Finally, What're you going to do with your $250?

"I will most likely purchase some new home decor so we can go into 2018 with a fresh look."


I'm looking for a fresh look as well, any suggestions?

Thanks again for helping us grow the Wela fam Laporcia!

Here's how you can be next month's winner:

1. Download the Wela app.

2. Sign Up using your email address

3. Link at least one financial account

4. Click the link to refer a friend to use Wela

5. Cross your fingers.