That's Rich Episode 11 "The Death Of Our Youth"(Recap)

"Rich in knowledge, rich in happiness, rich in laughs, and just maybe a nugget or two actually makes you money rich." - Wela CEO Matt Reiner

The rundown: Here are the five things from Episode 11 you need to see. Listen to the podcast here: And Subscribe here

1. Evan the front-runner
Matt has consistently teased Evan about his "luck" of liking all the best teams in sports. So, Matt didn't waste a second pointing out that Evan was wearing a Cleveland Indians hat on this day. Matt quipped, "You're repping the Indians hat, and they're 2-1 so they're your team right now until they lose to the Astros and then you'll be an Astros fan." Evan to his credit denied that he'd waver on The tribe but hedged it with the caveat that he bet on the Astros to win it all. Well, it turns out, we'll get to see sooner rather than later how dedicated of a fan Evan is as the Indians lost their series to the Yankees soon after the podcast was recorded. I'll keep you updated on Evan's choice of headdress come next show. Or, you can just check it out for yourself here when we go live Monday.

2. The offensive LINE coach
In the cringe/stupid/awkward video of the week, the Miami Dolphins now former offensive LINE coach recorded himself snorting a particular white substance off of a table with a rolled up twenty dollar bill. His stripper ex-girlfriend reportedly leaked the video. If you've seen the video, you've undoubtedly heard enough jokes about lines that I don't have to blow one at you right now. I'll let you watch the video for yourself while I grab a coke.

3. The more you know
So, as much as we sometimes overlook The more you know section, this week, it was very educational. Like, did you know that Netflix was 20 years old? Or better yet, did you know how Netflix got started? Don't worry, Evan has you covered in this week's The more you know. Listen here:

In the sad/nostalgia portion of the show, the guys gave their thoughts on AOL instant messenger, lovingly known as "AIM" setting sail on its last voyage in December. However, Evan and Matt, like most people didn't know AIM was still being used to this day. It'll be a sad day for millennials who had a lot of their first internet interactions using the service. Also, the guys took the opportunity to share with you all their first screen names. And, like most people, they were pretty cringe-worthy. For the record, my first screen name was Shock451. 

5. #RankEm
This week we tried out a new segment. #Rankem is possibly a replacement for our pitch a product segment. With it being October, it was only right that for the first week, we decided to rank the top 3 Halloween candies. I'll let you guys listen to what the Evan and Matt ranked as their top three, but I'll just forewarn you, it's full of shockers. Once again, for the record, here are my top three chocolate-only Halloween candy. 1. Reese's 2. Kit-kat 3. Hershey's with almond. Honorable mention to Snickers. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments or tweet me your top three @jwoodsmedia.

So that's it for another episode of That's Rich. How'd we do? Listen to the whole podcast here for more trending topics and some behind the scenes action. Also, remember to subscribe to the show and watch the guys go Live on Facebook every Monday at 10:30 pm. Eastern time.