Do you remember open book tests in school? Of course you do, they were the easiest ones, right? Well, in theory, they were but in actuality, they ended up being the toughest tests. I mean we had all of the answers right in front of us. We had the glossary, the table of contents and all the information available to us. The problem wasn't a lack of information; if anything, it was an information overload.

We run into this same "open book" dilemma when it comes to our money. I'm sure when it comes to your finances, you've never looked at your phone and said: "If only I had another banking app I'd be managing my money better." Because let's face it, just like taking an open book test, you're overloaded with financial information right now. You have an app for your checking account, an app or two for your credit card, a website you read with your favorite financial blogger, and an uncle that routinely tells you how and where you should be investing your money. You have all the tools, but no exact answer on how your complete financial situation is doing.

Currently, if you wanted to get a  full bird's eye view, you'd have to spend a considerable amount of time gathering data from each source to get a picture of what you've done and the recommendations on what you should do going forward. What you need is a holistic tool that truly encompasses your financial journey and the goals you wish to achieve. You need to see where you've been, where you're at, and where you're going across all of your accounts. Along with this, you need custom recommendations on how to help guide you on how to better your budget, how to better save for your goals and advice from investing to retirement all in one place.

At our very core, that's what Wela is doing. We're not looking to be another tool that further adds to the noise. But rather be the tool that adds value. We’re doing this by allowing all of your accounts to speak to each other while helping you pay down debt, gain awareness of your spending, and save for the things you really want to do. And allow all of these functions to work together to create a powerful personal financial engine.