New Year, New Winner

Refer a friend, win $250.

Congratulations to Ellis M. from right here in Atlanta, Georgia, our referral winner for the month of December.

Chatting with our referral winners is always one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I was able to talk with Ellis recently, and the conversation definitely did not disappoint.

Here's what she had to say:

Justin: Hi Ellis, Guess what? Wela's monthly referral raffle winner! Congratulations! We greatly appreciate you sharing Wela with friends and family. 

Ellis: Whoa. Awesome thanks!

I like the energy. Let's get started

Justin: For starters, where are you from, and how old are you?

Ellis: "I am 26 and live in Atlanta, GA."

As an Atlanta company through and through, we especially love rewarding our Atlanta users. No conspiracy theories are allowed on how we picked Ellis...Once again, it's a random drawing.

Justin: How would you describe your current financial situation?

A picture of the beautiful couple

A picture of the beautiful couple

Ellis: My husband and I spent 2017 really focusing on our personal finances. As of today, we are debt free (woo hoo!), have a 3-month emergency fund, and are currently saving for a down payment for a house. We've been saving for retirement since we started working, but are excited to take it to the next level with the help of Wela. 

This is amazing to hear. Debt free and an emergency fund. Keep up the great work, Wela is definitely here to help!

Justin: What're your financial goals for 2018?

Ellis: In 2018 we would like to establish a better retirement savings plan, purchase our first home, and tithe regularly. 

That sounds like a great plan. Be on the lookout for Wela's upcoming goal setting feature to help you knock your 2018 goals out of the park.

Justin: How long have you been using Wela? How has it helped you with your finances?

Ellis: Although I've only been using Wela for a few weeks and am still exploring everything it has to offer. Right away I love that I can see all accounts (bank, retirement, etc) on one dashboard without having to log in to each account individually. I've also read several of the posted articles, and they are very insightful. 

Agreed. Logging into four different accounts = 2 thumbs down.  We're glad you're enjoying the Wela app so far, let us know what you'd like to see improved!

Justin: On a lighter note, Who's your favorite sports team? Georgia right?

Ellis: All in for the Clemson Tigers!!

I'm sure being a Clemson fan is considerably less heartbreak than being a Georgia fan.

Justin: And lastly, what do you plan on doing with your $250?

Ellis: I'll probably put it towards boring things like groceries and household necessities. I should probably buy my father in law something since he recommended Wela to us!  

See, told you all it wasn't a conspiracy! Shoutout to Ellis's father-in-law.

Thanks again for helping us grow the Wela fam, Ellis.

Here's how you can be next month's winner:

1. Download the Wela app.

2. Sign Up using your email address

3. Link at least one financial account

4. Click the link to refer a friend to use Wela

5. Cross your fingers.