The year is 1980, and you're looking to trim a couple of pounds for the Summer. You've already tried some of the trendy systems on the market like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Slimming World. After failing to reach your weight loss goal, and doing a little research, you've decided to try out the Weight Watchers system. You hate the idea of being told not to eat carbs or fats on the other programs, but you love the flexibility that comes with being able to decide that you're going to splurge at a lunch buffet and have a salad for dinner to balance things out on the weight watchers program. Fast forward to present day, and you'll see that the same flexibility you loved with your diet that led to you reaching your weight goals is the same control Wela gives you to achieve your budgeting goals.

Have you ever had the perfect budget planned out and then, whoops, you overspend and then can't seem to get back on solid footing? What weight watchers realized early on is that flexibility and incentives are the true keys to sticking to anything. Whether you're committing yourself to a budget, a diet, or a training program, being able to adjust your game plan day to day depending on your circumstances is what leads to success. This concept is the same one on which our Daily Spend limit was born.

This is how it works: you input how much your core bills are each month(power, water, rent, etc.) and some goals you're looking to accomplish like traveling to the Grand Canyon or going to a music festival, and we give you a simple to understand daily spend limit to spend however you like. So, whether you want to spend $50 at the bar or splurge on a “must have” pair of shoes at Nordstroms, go right ahead without the feeling of guilt that comes with blowing your budget. The beauty of daily spend limit is that it adjusts day to day depending on your unique financial situation. For example, let's say you get that raise at work you've been waiting on, congratulations, your daily spend limit just went from $60 to $75 a day. Or, maybe you splurged a little too much at brunch Sunday, no worries, just stay within your updated Daily spend limit for Monday.

The simplicity lies within our algorithm that adjusts to you as it sees more transactions roll in and as you check more goals off your list. As your tendencies are analyzed, financial recommendations and insights customized for you are sent your way to help you improve your budget.

The daily spend limit is our answer to the age old problem of rigid budgets that don't allow for real life to happen. Because what good is a budget if you don't stick to it or it doesn't adjust to the ups and downs of your personal situation? Incentivize yourself with a budget that leaves room for fun today and start checking off your goals tomorrow by staying within your daily spend limit.