How to Increase your Client Capacity by using AI

With the emergence of the digital age, AI has been creating quite the buzz in the financial advisement industry. When it was first introduced, it was presented almost as if it would replace the physical customer-advisor relationship. Instead, AI has redefined the basis of financial planning. We see now that it can augment what you do and help you to increase your client capacity.

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality”. -Yann LeCun

Each client that an advisor takes on comes with their own amount of administrivia - the behind-the-scenes stuff such as compliance tasks that don’t really drive any top-line growth. The more clients you take on, the more hours of these tasks that are added to your calendar. The more administrative hours are in your calendar, the less room you have to take on new clients.

The latest advancements in AI are changing the game for advisors. With the ability to pass the baton off to an AI software that can easily manage simple, scalable tasks, advisors can now begin to focus on exploring emerging niche markets and potential opportunities with current clients.

Implementing AI, without a doubt, will allow advisors to focus more of their time and efforts on value-adding tasks. With client information from Portfolio Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management aggregated into one software that is easily accessible to both advisors and clients, the capacity to bring on new clients would be limitless.

Matt Reiner explains the importance of using digital technology to enhance client experiences and increase your client capacity:

As with any other disruptive change, the sooner you invest in the new capabilities presented to you, the better. At Wela, we’ve been working hard to create a product that will help you increase your client capacity and communication with AI.

If you’re interested, reach out to us here. We know financial advisors because we are financial advisors and we’re confident that our AI technology is going to change the game for you.