How to Avoid the Sunday Scaries (And make more money)

From Bottomless Mimosas to Monday morning meetings

For starters, how great is brunch? It's the best right? But, Mondays are tough, especially Monday mornings. The ominous feeling of that Monday morning meeting starts to sink in right after brunch on Sunday "fun day." This, combined with the fact that you have to set an alarm to wake up and (try) to be a productive member of society is one that can border on ruining bottomless mimosas. And yet, despite this feeling of impending doom, Mondays offer that slight energizing feeling of optimism for a fresh week. Being able to capitalize on the latter instead of focusing on the gloomier outlook of what Monday brings, is what separates the average employee from the one who earns the promotion (and more money.) Since this is a personal finance blog, and we're all for earning more money, we've compiled our top 3 ways to be more productive come Monday morning.

Make the most of Sunday evening
Once again, we get it, your initial thoughts go something like "work-life balance" and "weekends are my time" etc.… Well, let's skip the back and forth and get to the point where we convince you that this is just a part of what being a successful adult is all about. To be an above average employee that makes the most out of Mondays so that you get a promotion, and ultimately make more money, you'll have to come to terms with the fact that you'll have to spend an hour or so prepping for the week on your Sunday evening. 

Making the most out of Sunday evening doesn't mean abandoning brunch or forgoing The Walking Dead marathon, but rather taking a moment to knock out 2-3 simple tasks that would burden you come Monday. These tasks could range from cleaning out your email to scheduling your sales phone calls throughout the week. Try to think of a couple items that you normally do on Mondays that you can get a jump start on. The feeling of your Monday to-do list being skimmed from 10 items down to 7 or 8 is one that will make it just a little easier to get out of bed.

Girls working out

Make the most out of your health
One item that Monday has in its corner, as opposed to the other days of the business week, is that the night before is still a weekend day. The reason why this is important is that instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day grind that has become our Monday-Friday life- and thus not getting adequate sleep- your schedule is usually relaxed on Sunday. Take advantage of this. Get a full night's rest. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep will set the pace for the rest of the week and ensure that you're not starting it off with a sleep deficit. We know during the work week it's hard to get a full night's rest. It's also been shown that getting all 8 hours can reduce irritability, moodiness and increase brain function and memory.

Get physical. Making the most of your health includes exercising. Exercising means not only going to the spin class before or after work but also taking the opportunity to get up from your work chair and walk the stairs or walking to lunch instead of ordering it from Uber eats. These small adjustments allow you to take a break from the mundane nature of Mondays while also getting some much-needed oxygen to your brain.

Let your goals motivate you
Similar to the new motivation you feel when making New Year's resolutions, each new week offers a natural fresh start that can be stimulating as well. The way to capitalize on this newfound motivation is to clearly write out what you want to accomplish for the week. However, just like a New Year's resolution, simply writing down your goals does not make them come to fruition. Tracking your goals at the end of each day and week allows you to stay motivated by the progress you've made and will allow you to get the most out of your Mondays.

We can't promise that this will make Mondays any more enjoyable. But, if you're going to have to do the whole "adulting" thing come Monday, you might as well make it productive and possibly earn yourself some extra cash along the way.