How Jessica uses Wela, and won $250 by doing it.

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What's going on guys? Justin here, the lead storyteller, at Wela. It's been a while since we chatted last. I've been a little busy as we're planning some HUGE changes to continue helping you all live your best lives. In the meantime, I've been personally calling around to speak with some of our users to hear some of their amazing financial stories and how Wela has helped them along the way. I've listened to success stories that range from paying off $60,000 in student loans to saving up for a trip to Bali.

To know that Wela has helped so many people only motivates us to help even more. I was able to speak with one of our newer users recently, Jessica B from Monroe, North Carolina. She also happens to be our referral winner for March. Here's what she had to say:

Justin: Hi Jessica, thanks for spreading the Wela love. Congratulations on winning a $250 Amazon gift card.

Jessica: Hi Justin, thanks for reaching out and thanks for my Amazon gift card!

Hey, you earned it...Just don't spend it all in one place. 

Justin: Let's jump straight into things, What're your financial goals for 2018? 

Jessica: Our primary goal is to pay off the home repair loan, but we also want to save three months of our combined income and increase savings for newer vehicles.

Paying off a loan on your real house while building your financial house through emergency savings? If I had another thumb, I'd give this strategy three thumbs up. As you may have noticed, I started my questions a little differently this time...I'm spontaneous like that.

Justin: What city/state do you live in? Age?  

Jessica: Monroe, NC. 30.

Ahh, Google tells me you're right up the road from Atlanta. Hi Neighbor.
Also, As a southerner, my mom taught me not to ask a lady her age, but that's what I get paid to do. (Sorry Mom.)

Justin: How would you describe your current financial situation? 

Jessica: We are in good financial shape. The only debt we have other than our mortgage is a loan we took out to do some repairs/updates on our home. Love not having vehicle payments.

Wait, so let me get this straight, no student loan debt and no car payments? Maybe you all should help me with some financial advice.

Justin: How long have you been using Wela? How has it helped you with your finances?

Jessica: We have only been using Wela for a little over a month, but it's been long enough to see how beneficial viewing all of our accounts at one time can be. It's truly eye-opening to see what cash you have on hand, your retirement and savings funds, and be able to determine where you can improve your spending. Wela has helped us put a large amount toward our debt and save a significant amount at the same time. 

All jokes aside, this is why we do what we do Jessica. Thanks for joining the Wela community. We're excited to help and can't wait to see you all continue to make progress.

Justin: Now that I've gotten my sentimental statement out of the way, Who's your favorite sports team or celebrity? 

Jessica: Carolina Panthers!

As an Atlanta transplant, I can tell you this for sure- ATLiens wouldn't like me talking to a Panthers fan. By the way, did you know Cam Newton was from Atlanta?

Justin: Lastly, What're you going to do with your $250? 

Jessica: It will either be spent on home essentials or go toward a new wardrobe for my new job.

Wow. I definitely should have led with that question. Congratulations on your new job. Wait, you're not taking my job, are you?

Thanks again for helping us grow the Wela fam, Jessica

Here's how you could be next month's winner:

1. Download the Wela app.

2. Sign Up using your email address

3. Link at least one financial account

4. Click the link to refer a friend to use Wela

5. Cross your fingers.