How Implementing Technology will Help you think Smarter, Not Harder

As advisors in the financial world, you’d think that we’d be adept to change since it’s the nature of our industry. When it comes to changes in the market, we’re the first line of defense, quickly adapting and adjusting our clients’ accounts to prepare for any potential risks. But when it comes to changes in the dynamic of our profession, such as implementing technology, we can be pretty dismissive to the idea.

It’s understandable, though, as to why there’s such as pushback. Our time is as precious as gold, and anything that we need to spend time on learning that isn’t already on our hefty list of to-dos is as good as gone. However, the common misconception about implementing new technologies is that it will detract from our bandwidth when in reality, technology will help you think smarter, not harder.

How does implementing technology help you think smarter, not harder?

Think about it this way: the more time and energy we spend on the small, easy tasks like working on documents and processes, the less time we get to work on more prominent tasks such as prospecting and client nurturing. Then begins an endless game of productivity catch-up that could’ve easily been avoided by implementing technology that would’ve done the more trivial tasks for us.

Implementing technology can help give you more capacity to take on new clients, manage your current ones, and find any potential opportunities you otherwise would've missed. It can even help you communicate better with your clients, and who wouldn’t want that?

At Wela, we’ve been working hard to create Benjamin, the latest in wealth management software that’s helping financial advisors and RIAs work smarter, not harder. By integrating Benjamin into your day-to-day operations, you’ll be able to…

  • Intelligently group your clients to improve communication.

  • Create tasks and schedule meetings to ensure paperwork is finalized in a timely manner.

  • Integrate Outlook and other important communication tools.

  • Increase your capacity to bring on new clients.

We would love to get you started with a free demo of what Benjamin has to offer you. If you’re interested in increasing your efficiency and bandwidth with an easy to use technology, reach out to use here.