If someone were to ask you what you want from your money and your overall financial situation, you'd probably answer with the word "more." More money and more time to spend it. After that, you'd probably follow it up with words like "transparency, clarity, and simplicity." But, in the real world, it can feel like getting a clear picture while also getting more out of your money is nearly impossible. However, if we analyze each piece individually, we can see how they can all come together to create a powerful financial situation. In doing this, we may actually be able to find that silver bullet that allows for doing less while accomplishing more.

Transparency in our finances is almost like a pivotal scene in a movie where one character asks a question, and then another responds with, "maybe you're asking the wrong question." When it comes to our financial situation, most of the time, we don’t know the questions to ask and thus spend too much time trying to find answers to unknown questions. By doing this, we're in perpetual motion but never making any progress. Getting transparency into your situation, like where and what you're spending your money on, is what sheds light on the entire picture. Taking the next step is understanding how all of your finances are incorporated. From your day to day spending, to your short and long term savings goals.

Clarity of the situation allows you to see exactly how your trip to Vegas affects your savings for a downpayment on a house. In the past, connecting all of your goals together with your spending habits would be a burdensome process. Nowadays, technology can streamline this for you by providing proactive and personalized insights to help you gain transparency to your habits, trends, and tailored ways to improve them. Ultimately this simplifies your life, saves you time, and allows you to spend more time doing more as opposed to solving an unknown puzzle.

In the end, we usually spend too much time analyzing and setting our budgets. Because of this, tending to our budgets actually ends up limiting what we can do with them. Instead, we need a simple, understandable number. A number that encompasses what we have and what we can spend based on our core expenses and savings goals. Then, we could spend less time wondering whether we are staying in line with our budget or guessing how much we can spend on coffee each week. This change would enable us to confidently live in the now, and live in the know. Wela's Daily Spend Limit does just this by taking the guesswork and the calculations out of your budget. Accomplish more, while doing less. More transparency, clarity, and simplicity. You can do it all with your own Daily Spend Limit.