Eliminate Missed Opportunities by Leveraging Technology

As financial advisors, we’re constantly working with numerous clients on various projects. Communication with and organization of clients can be a challenge with the number of tasks we have every day. With so much responsibility on the table, it’s possible that we may miss an opportunity that’s knocking on our door.

The most successful financial advisors know the importance of leveraging technology within their firm. Technology is disrupting virtually every area of wealth management, and with consumers becoming more and more indebted to technology, financial advisors and registered investment officers will have no choice but to leverage technology in their everyday practices to keep up.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. - Arthur C. Clarke

The introduction of technology into wealth management enables us to not only intelligently communicate with clients better but also provide them with overall better services. Having a platform for clients to access easily to set up paperwork and effectively communicate makes the client-to-advisor relationship run more swiftly and smoothly. Easy access and understanding are what clients want, and technology allows us to fulfill their needs.

With the installation of technology comes an inevitable increase in overall efficiency. Allowing yourself to become more efficient opens up some time to focus on knocking opportunity and to penetrate different groups to expand your client base.

Missed opportunity comes from three main factors:

  1. Disorganization

  2. Lack of focus

  3. Being unprepared

By implementing technology into your day-to-day practice, you’re able to cut all three factors immediately. Benjamin, the latest in wealth management software, is a tool that’s changing the game for financial advisors and RIAs. Benjamin not only helps keep you organized to help you focus on the tasks at hand but also prepares you for proper communication and nurturing of existing clients.

With Benjamin, you’ll have more bandwidth and better process management, allowing you to increase your capacity to bring on new clients and never miss an opportunity again. Ready to stop missing out on opportunities with clients and prospects? Contact us here, and we’ll set you up with a free demo!