Unknown Millionaire Ebook

Unknown Millionaire v3 (1)HOW AN EVERYDAY FAMILY RETIRED WITH $1 MILLION So many of us worry about retiring with enough. Many even believe it isn't possible. But it is.

This is the story of real couple Karen & Don and how one day they discovered something they didn't expect. On their combined income of less than $55,000 they had saved over $1M in their retirement account.

In this e-book:

  • Valuable lessons from millionaire retirees
  • The power of retirement saving at any age
  • How to live within your means
  • More secretes to achieving millionaire status in retirement


17 Money Hacks Ebook

BookCover (1)Save More, Earn More, Spend Less What's in the ebook?

You never can seem to find the time to think about getting your finances on track. We've put together 17 insanely easy yet super impactful money hacks to do just that!

  • Ways to earn extra money that don't involve working 100 hours a week
  • Couponing that doesn't require scissors and a pile of newspapers
  • Mind tricks that save money
  • Tricks of the trade you've probably never heard
  • A recipe for successful money hacking


Economic Shutdown Ebook

EBOOK COVER1 (1) "How does it add up so quickly? Where did our money go?"

Have you ever asked these questions?

"We ended up saving over 35% of our take-home pay during our economic shutdown!"

                     - Rebecca G. (Economic Shutdown Participant) 

This is not a budget. This is a 30-day financial cleanse designed to jumpstart your new approach to your household finances and savings.

This e-book will show you:

  • How to spend during your "Economic Shutdown"
  • Helpful tips for eating, shopping and entertainment during your shutdown
  • Discover where you're spending your money
  • Uncover areas for more economical spending
  • Learn how much you can actually save on a monthly basis and what to do with that savings