7 Tips for Wedding Planning on a Budget

Wedding planning on a budget can seem impossible. This is the biggest day of your life, and you want it to be perfect -- how can you put a price on that? Well, weddings can also become extremely expensive if you’re not careful. However, taking steps early on in the wedding planning process can help you save big without compromising the perfect day.

7 tips for wedding planning on a budget:

  1. Set a guest limit early. Before you begin planning out your guest list, choose a number (or a ballpark) and stick to it. As time goes on, don’t waver here. This is one thing that you can decide early on that will lead to either spending way too much or saving a ton down the road. Just remember: the longer the guest list, the more expensive everything else will be. Is that person you haven’t spoken to in years really worth that extra cost? Does your third cousin, twice removed really need to be there?
  2. Ask for services instead of gifts. If you have musically-inclined friends, ask them to perform at your ceremony in lieu of a gift. Plus, bringing in friends as vendors can help make your day even more personal and more “you.”

  3. Go minimal with flowers. You can end up spending a lot of money on flowers if you’re not careful. People are learning more and more ways to save on these, such as creating your own bouquet of fake flowers (bonus: you can keep them forever!) or going more minimalistic with bouquets. This is one of those items you’ll need to set a hard limit on and refuse to spend any extra.

  4. DIY! With Pinterest, we’re all basically professional DIY-ers, and you can find a tutorial for almost anything out there. Choose a few items for your wedding that you can create yourself, such as the invitations and decor. Just beware: this can get overwhelming if you have too many things on your plate, so ask for help and delegate items to your bridal party!

  5. Use your own music. With Spotify and other music streaming tools, anyone can be a DJ nowadays. While we’re not hating on a good DJ, we’re saying it’s certainly possible to save some money here. Rent some sound equipment, hook up your device, and play all of your own music. Create playlists for different parts of the reception (example: a dinner playlist and a dancing playlist), and designate someone to be in charge of pausing and playing as needed. It’ll take a little effort upfront to work out the kinks, but once you do, you can save BIG.

  6. Find your honeymoon on Groupon. People are often afraid to use Groupon for vacations, but it can save you a lot of money and get you to a place you think you’d never be able to afford otherwise. Begin looking at deals as soon as you can, and check regularly. You never know when a new incredible deal will show up.

  7. Find an all-inclusive (or free!) venue. If you can find a friend’s home or property where you can get married, by all means, jump on it! But if you can’t find a cheap or free venue, consider looking for one that’s all-inclusive. The lump sum may seem daunting, but this can help tremendously in cutting costs later. Many all-inclusive wedding venues will include catering, linens, tables and chairs, and even rooms to get ready in or to stay in on the wedding night. These things can add up quickly if you’re paying for them all separately, so all-inclusive could be the way to go.

We’d love to come alongside you and help you as you spend and save on your wedding. Download the Wela app and set your unique goals so we can help you achieve them without going broke before your big day!