4 Ways to Enhance Your Client Relationships

Being in the financial planning industry involves more than just knowing the ins and outs of investing and financial management. It takes the ability to cultivate and nurture relationships with clients. Every little bit of what you do as an RIA and financial advisor is done in the best interest of the client. Maintaining and even enhancing client relationships can be tricky, though, especially when you have multiple clients to keep track of, and only 24 hours in a day.

Bringing Your Client Relationships to the Next Level

The ultimate question you need to ask yourself when figuring out how to take your client-advisor relationship to the next level is, “what do I have to offer my clients as an advisor?” If your only answer is strong market insight, your client relationships will only ever exist on a surface level.

Your clients should be your biggest motivators. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business. To be a successful RIA or financial advisor, you need to cultivate a meaningful relationship with your clients that goes deeper than a business transaction.

Your clients should be your biggest motivators.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Client Relationships:

  1. Get personal (but not too personal). Long-lasting client-advisor relationships are founded on what is called a “business-social” relationship. Your clients should feel comfortable with you on a deeper level, with you acting as an extension of their own ideologies. Taking an active interest in things other than just their birthday not only allows you to make a stronger personal connection but will also help you incorporate their passions into their investments.

  2. Communicate effectively. Communication between advisor and client is crucial in all facets of establishing a relationship. Tracking conversations and maintaining records of what was talked about and decided upon not only makes your job easier but also helps establish trust. The more a client feels that you are actively listening and pursuing their best interests, the more trust will be developed in the relationship.

  3. Be organized. Over the course of your relationship, it’s inevitable that a client’s wants and needs are going to change and expand. It’s important to keep all adjustments and alterations organized so that their records are clear and accurate. Being organized doesn’t just mean stacking their papers nicely into a folder; it means making everything easy to find and comprehend to ensure that you are performing efficiently.

  4. Get them involved. With the emergence of the digital age, clients now expect to be able to easily access and engage with their information, and even digitally communicate with their advisors. Nobody likes to be left in the dark, especially when it comes to their finances. Leveraging technology in your day-to-day activities will allow you to have complete transparency with your clients, and will ultimately strengthen the trust and reliability amongst both parties, creating a solid foundation for a long-term relationship.

Creating good client-advisor relationships is what’s going to set your business apart from others. Finding the time to tie together all of what it takes to create those sturdy relationships can be tricky, especially when you’re struggling to fit in time for yourself every day.

We have been working hard at Wela to create a product that will help you improve your communication and relationships with clients, and we would love to give you a free demo of what it has to offer. If you’re interested in seeing how this technology will change the game for you, reach out to us here and we’ll get you started right away.