Last month, we were running our monthly reports and identified that our firm accomplished something…something big within the world of financial advising. 

We had hit the milestone of having $100 million in assets under management. Why is this important? Well, first off… it’s hard as heck to accomplish in the world of financial advice these days. But secondly, it shows the trust that we have been able to build with our users and customers. We are managing over $100 million in investable assets for these families. These are assets that they have saved for their entire lives or that they intend to use in their retirement or for their kids’ college tuitions or for that new house. These are big life milestones for individuals and that’s why this number is taken so seriously… because people are entrusting us to help them manage those monies for them. 

The goal that we have set out to accomplish from day one has always been to combine technology and a human to provide both accessibility and holistic planning to the family that was being neglected by traditional wealth management, while needing more than algorithm only firms could provide. 

But the only way that we would ever be able to accomplish the goal and vision of the company is if we had the trust of our users and customers along with the necessary execution by everyone on our team. This year, we have put a strong focus on each of these and reaching this milestone is an initial step in bettering the way young families get financial advice. 

This is only the beginning, but it is a monumental moment for our company which is necessary to enjoy with those who helped us get here. First and foremost, it starts with a huge thank you to the users and customers who have entrusted us to help manage their financial situation and align their investment philosophy with their more holistic financial goals and objectives. And secondly, it’s about the team that commits day in and day out towards building a technology solution that delivers value to both users and customers alike. This team has a commitment to the vision and executes on it every day. They are the ones who allow for our users to build trust in our brand and our company. 

The financial services industry is evolving every single day. We believe that the next step in the evolution is just beginning and it should be exciting for all consumers of financial advice because every firm’s focus is finding a solution that can better serve the end user in a more elegant and efficient way. 

We believe that Wela is skating to where the puck is going to be. Over the past five years, we have seen a huge pendulum swing in the industry with regards to financial advice. In the past in order to get customized and personal financial advice, you had to have millions of dollars. Over the past five years or so, there has been this trend towards algorithmically driven investment solutions that utilize technology only. This made access to investment advice accessible and elegant but left the personalization on the wayside. We believe the true solution stands in building a solution that leverages technology to deliver holistic financial insights, not just investment management, while also providing access to a dedicated human for each of our users and customers. 

Ultimately, our lives become complex. We decide to buy a home, we get married, we have kids and we change jobs. We have multiple financial goals that we have to focus on while also living our lives in the moment. We believe that the hybrid of technology and a human provides the accessibility and ease of use necessary to change the perception of the financial advice space, while dedicating to the focus of a holistic solution that can be executed on efficiently and effectively by a human being. 

This is only the first step in our journey, but it’s a giant step towards the goal we have of being the most trusted digital financial advice solution for young families. And we want our followers, users and customers to participate in the excitement that comes during this journey. We are open about the challenges we face along with the accomplishments we make… because we feel that is what it takes to gain the trust in an industry that has a history of being stodgy and non-transparent. 

So… cheers to you and thank you for helping in this accomplishment. Let it be the first major milestone of many more to come and we can’t wait to celebrate each one with you!