What The Finance Happens With Bad Celebrity Endorsements!?

what the finance Happens With Bad Celebrity Endorsements This week Matt and Eddie are looking at how celebrity brand endorsements go wrong.

This is a hot topic right now since Maria Sharapova was just jettisoned from several brands after failing a drug test before a big tennis tournament. She's not the first athlete to run into issues with her sponsors, though. The guys are looking through some of the more well-known celebrity endorsements that have gone wrong.

The guys then talk about one of the biggest scandals of this century so far, Jared from Subway. How did his criminal acts impact the sandwich company?

"Dude, you've got a Dell!" - Remember this guy? This popular spokesman from the early 2000s had one small run in with the law and it essentially ended his acting career. Would it have been such a big deal if he didn't have a connection with Dell?

The Aflac duck is iconic, but the original voiceover actor almost brought the company down. Listen and learn why Aflac quickly had to quickly boot this actor.

Tiger Woods certainly doesn't have a squeaky clean record in his personal life, so why is it that Nike has chosen to stick with this celebrity!? Listen and learn how this celebrity and brand are able to continue their relationship.

All these stories and more in this week's podcast!