Wela Whip For The Week Of March 21st, 2016

hulk_hogan1 RIP Mayor Rob Ford The larger than life Mayor of Toronto has passed away this week at age 46 after battling an aggressive form of cancer. You probably remember him from the late night talk shows as he provided material for weeks on end after admitting that he “probably smoked (crack cocaine) in one of his drunken stupors." Nevertheless, he was loved by his constituents for standing up for the working class. Our condolences go out to his family and friends... Read More

Everything Old Is New Again At least, that’s what Apple is hoping for with the release of the iPhone SE. It’s a smaller AND cheaper iPhone that Apple hopes will carry sales momentum as many of their product releases are not earth-shaking anymore. The new SE will have a 4-inch screen which matches that of the iPhone 5C and wasn’t a big hit. With increased competition in the mid-tier market, Apple hopes to maintain their stance as a premium product provider...Read More

Going, Going, Back To Cali, Cali Well kind of. The entire West coast dominated last month as people seem to be buying homes at a ridiculous pace out on the West coast. New home sales surged 38.5% in the West coast, which was the biggest change since December 2010. More jobs, more job security, more money and lower mortgage rates add up to surges like this. The sun, perfect weather and a bunch of “chill” people who like to surf doesn’t hurt either… Read More

Hulk Hogan’s Steel Cage Match This time, it won’t be at Wrestlemania or at Summerslam, but rather behind the closed doors of a courtroom. Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) sued Gawker for posting sex tapes of Hogan and his friend's wife (yeah, not cool). Hogan won… he won big. $140 million big. But the steel cage match isn’t over. Gawker is, of course, appealing the case. So, Hogan can’t tear off his yellow tank top just yet, but it’s looking like he may soon be tearing through more than just shirts… Read More