Wela Whip For The Week Of March 7th, 2016

10079548613_356e8d8b11_k Cut the Cord? It’s Not Just for Newborns Anymore Millennials are cutting cable TV more than ever these days and opting for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and/or Hulu. These services provide more control over the content that you watch and better yet, you get to watch it on your time! If done properly, it can also save you several hundred dollars per year. Check out this article for your in-depth guide to cutting the cord … Read More

Election Impact on Social Security Questions abound regarding the possible changes to Social Security depending on who takes office this Fall, and rightly so! Regardless of which side of the aisle you sit on, the spectrum is wide when it comes to the range of opinions on next steps to take with the system. There’s Trump, who has largely avoided the issue, and Hilary, who wants more of the same. Then there’s Bernie, who needs to plant a bunch of “money trees” in the backyard of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to pay for his ideas...Read More

You're Probably Reading This At Work Because the job market is en fuego! Recent data was released that continues to suggest a very strong job market. Jobless claims, people looking for work, fell to the lowest levels in five months. That’s good because a strong job market can lead to opportunities for increased wages. More money in your pocket! All meaning more money to spend. Cha-Ching… get ready to swipe… not right or left… rather up or down… Read More 

Playing Dual Roles Like a Champ Ever heard of Jack Dorsey? He created a thing called Twitter. He also started something called Square. Yeah, those white things people use with their iPhones to accept credit cards. That company is public now. And guess what, Jack Dorsey is the CEO. He’s also the CEO of Twitter. You read that correctly. And yesterday you couldn’t tell things were lacking at Square as they posted good earnings pushing their stock higher. He’s running two companies people! And doing just fine right now. That’s #worthy for sure. #managing... Read More