Wela Whip For The Week Of February 22, 2016

5647773222_1158e6fd64_b Domino's is rolling in the dough Both Domino's and Papa Johns reported strong sales and earnings this week, but Domino's certainly took the lead. These companies have been dominating the fast food pizza game since aggressively marketing to Millennials who apparently love cheap pizza. Domino's reported that half of their U.S. sales come through digital channels at the end of last year. It's easy to understand why when you consider that you can order through their app or by just tweeting or texting them the pizza emoji. You can also order Domino's through your Ford car's Sync technology, your Samsung smart TVs or your Pebble smart watch. Why would you choose another fast food pizza place when your favorite Domino's pizza will be delivered at the tap of your finger?... Read More


The quite takeover of emojis Facebook officially rolled out the latest evolution of their Like buttons. Now users are able to express their opinion on a particular post through emojis. Internet trolls feel miffed, though, since Zuckerberg's company purposefully tried to leave out emojis that could be used negatively. Instead, emojis include like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry. While we love emojis in the Wela office, we have to wonder if we'll all be moving from the written word to strictly writing in emojis in a few years... Read More


Could the days of couponing be coming to an end!? It's common knowledge that there are some stores that you don't go to without a coupon in hand. Macy's, one of the largest retailers with this reputation, is now trying to move away from their coupon-tastic image. Instead, the company has slowly been moving to a format where clearance items cannot be paired with coupons or other discounts. To balance the pricing, they've reduced their on sale items more than before. They're also grouping all their clearance items together in the store now. It sounds like a win for everyone. The store gets to stop printing coupons, and shoppers don't have to keep all their coupons in their car's glove box. Now if only Bed, Bath & Beyond would follow suit... Read More


Marissa Mayer is not having a great week Recently Yahoo hasn't been able to escape the headlines, and typically it's not positive press. Unfortunately for Mayer, this week has been especially brutal as Yahoo has started the layoffs for 15% of their workforce that they announced at the beginning of this month. In addition to this, Mayer's is reportedly talking with Yahoo's big shareholders about the next phase for the company. According to Business Insider, the talks are more than a little tense. We're all watching as this aging tech giant continues to try and find its place in the quickly shifting world of technology and media... Read More