What The Finance Are The Most Epic Financial Failures!?

whatthefinancearethemostepicfinancialfailures This week the guys are looking at the biggest financial mistakes that have been made by businesses. We're not talking about fraud issues like Enron or Bernie Madoff. We're talking about times that businesses or people just royally messed up.

First the guys look at how Blockbuster went bankrupt. Didn't they see the writing on the wall when Netflix came on the scene?

Then the guys look a little earlier to the 1999 company, Flooz. This was an online currency that allowed people to make purchases online. There's a reason you might not recognize this name.

You can't talk about huge financial failures without talking about Pets.com. This company is often thought of as the poster child of the dot.com bust. Were they just ahead of their time or was it a bad business model?

To wrap things up, the guys explore one of the most famous financial f*ck ups of all time, Pan Am. Learn what flew this company into the ground.