Release: Wela Featured in Spike TV's New Show "Life or Debt"

Atlanta-based Financial Start-Up Wela Featured in Spike TV’s New Show Life or Debt

ATLANTA – February 15, 2016 – When Spike TV’s new show Life or Debt debuts on Sunday, March 13th at 10PM, it will feature Atlanta-based Wela as the financial management and investment tool utilized by the show’s families. Wela bridges the gap between virtual and personal financial advice, making it an ideal tool for families looking for assistance managing budgets and offering a holistic view of a family’s entire financial situation including investments, cash, credit card debt, student loans, and real estate. The team at Wela works with each family post-show to consult on specific financial issues and helps develop a game plan for the fiscal recovery of each family.

“Wela is thrilled to partner with Spike and the Ugly Brothers production team on this project,” says Wela CEO and Co-Founder Matt Reiner. “Working with host Victor Antonio and the Spike team has been an amazing experience, and we are pleased to offer our online tools and custom financial advice to assist these families on their fiscal journeys.”

As information, “Life or Debt” follows Atlanta resident and show host Victor Antonio - a personal finance consultant and former CEO - as he sets out each week to help a different family facing a fiscal calamity. In each episode, Antonio does his initial assessment and reality check, pointing out the significant disparity between money coming in and money going out.  He charges families with the task of taking a hard look at their numbers, before putting them through a series of challenges and driving them to make hard choices. During this time, Antonio gets a better sense of the family, often uncovering the underlying issues and dark secrets of each family’s financial situation to flush out the realities of how they got to this point.

Then comes the restructure, where Antonio lays out an actionable plan, assigning specific responsibilities to each family member that plays to their strengths and reveals the “magic number,” or the number they need to hit each month to reach financial stability.  He returns 90 days later to check in on their progress with the hope they have turned their situation around. During the 90 day post-Antonio visit, the team at Wela works with each family to assist them in facilitating budgets and developing financial goals.

Sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, blog posts, full episodes, biographies and more can be found on’s dedicated “Life or Debt” destination,, where content will be updated throughout the season.  For additional series updates, follow Spike on Facebook and on Instagram.

About Wela: Wela is a financial technology company that weaves together the elegance of technology and the human touch of financial advisors to give families the ability to gain a holistic view of their entire financial situation: investments, cash, debt, and real estate. The technology allows users to easily access Wela Strategies, a registered independent investment advisor providing low-cost, tax-efficient, ETF model portfolios that are age and/or time horizon based. Wela is specifically designed to revolutionize the way young families receive financial advice. For more information on Wela, visit or call 678-608-0420.


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