Wela Whip For The Week Of February 15th, 2016

ht_giant_diamond_02_jc_160216_4x3_992 And You Thought Kobe’s Diamond Was Big Miners working for an Australian company have unearthed what is believed to be the largest diamond ever found in Angola. The diamond is 404 carats and has an estimated value of $14 million. This ranks 3rd in size however, as another company, Lucara Diamond, found an 1,111-carat diamond in Botswana just a few months ago. Number one? A 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond discovered in a South African mine back in 1905. This is one bronze trophy that I wouldn’t be ashamed of!... Read More

The Key To Finding The One Lies In The Math Did you ever think that finding your "soulmate” could be done with a math equation? Maybe you think this is crazy, but mathematicians have put an equation to finding "the one.” The result of the equation says you should reject your first 37% of people you date, and then go with the best person after the initial subset. I can already see the breakups... “Hey babe, this just won’t work, you fell below the 37% line. It’s not you. It’s the math, and we can’t argue that”... Read More

When The Going Gets Tough, The Ideas Start Flowing And flowing they are. McDonalds is introducing craft beer service at it’s newest location in South Korea. The company known for the Big Mac and deliciously salty, crispy fries is trying anything to rebrand and appeal to the more modern times. They have tried healthy options in Australia, cage free eggs in North America, and all day breakfast at all locations. This idea may have legs, though, because now parents will have one more excuse to take their kids to the McDonald’s play place… beer and happy kids. Winner, winner, beer and dinner!... Read More

Who Turns Down Sir Paul McCartney? The rapper known as Tyga apparently, that’s who. One of the most famous musicians ever wasn't “A-list” enough to get into Tyga's after party Monday night post-Grammys. McCartney wasn’t the only celeb to be turned down, five-time Grammy winner Beck and the Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins were also given the Heisman. I guess even knighthood can’t buy (Tyga’s) love!... Read More