Wela Whip For The Week Of February 8th, 2016

maxresdefault Not Such a “Zen”-efits Master Zenefits, a cloud-based software provider of human resources, rose faster than any unicorn (a start-up worth a billion dollars), but now it’s falling like a rock. This week the co-founder of Zenefits, Parker Conrad, stepped down as CEO. He stepped down from the helm as questions arose about the steps he took to grow Zenefits, including side-stepping laws about who is allowed to sell insurance. In a highly regulated and “commission-based” industry that’s going to catch up to you sooner rather than later!... Read More

Remember the Doodle4Google? Well, now it’s time to vote! We featured this competition in the Whip several weeks ago and the finalists have now been chosen. This is a contest that Google sponsors for kids grades K - 12 where they create their best Google Doodle within the theme, “What makes me... me?” Now we get to vote for our favorite. Click the link below in order to vote for your favorite Doodle, and next year be on the lookout to enter your child. The grand prize is $30K towards college!... Read More

A Lil ‘Ole Bae For The Lobster Oprah was a silver bullet for Weight Watchers, and now another company may have just found their silver bullet in another superstar. Beyonce just released her new album, and in one song (just one line at the 3:00 mark) she made a reference that changed things for Red Lobster. She mentioned taking someone to the Red Lobster, and it looks as if everyone thought that was them. Red Lobster saw sales jump 33% the day after the album was released. It looks like Red Lobster just caught their biggest fish yet, down by the Bae... Read More

BMI Gains New Meaning… Big Mess Index For all those that base your health solely on the infamous BMI, Body Mass Index, you have some free time to worry about other things. A recent study found that individuals BMI doesn’t necessarily associate with individuals health. Actually, the study estimates that nearly 54 million individuals with high BMIs are in fact healthy. And more than 30% of those deemed “healthy” by the BMI aren’t. Finally, the thing that inherently told us our health based on holding a plastic steering wheel object has been found faulty. Was there really ever a doubt?... Read More