Wela Whip For The Week Of February 1st, 2016

7980456414_cb4287b733_k Taking Steps Back, To Move World Forward Uber, the $50 billion-plus valued firm, is bringing back old school to help stave off drunken riders. In an attempt to increase security for Uber drivers from riders who have become too intoxicated, Uber is testing out putting BopIt’s in the back seat. All in an attempt to hopefully distract the drunken passengers from possible assaults on Uber drivers. This is an assault of itself, poor Uber drivers will be hearing “Bop It, Twist It, Pass It” all night long... Read More 

The Billion...uh...User Club? No, we aren’t talking about dollars and cents here. This isn’t a list of the wealthiest people or business owners, but rather an elite list of apps and platforms with over a billion active users! Here are a couple of highlights: YouTube - 1/3rd of all internet users use YouTube EVERY DAY; WhatsApp - a messaging app owned by Facebook that nearly 1/7th of the world’s population uses; Facebook - not a shocker, over 1 billion users log on every single day. Turns out Zuckerberg’s idea wasn’t a fad... Read More


You Are Witnessing Something Amazing You don’t tend to understand what you are witnessing when in the moment, but what Mark Zuckerberg is doing with Facebook and the companies he buys is extraordinary. We thought he was crazy for buying Instagram for $1 billion, but that investment looks good now. Then we thought he was crazy for buying WhatsApp for $19 billion. Well, WhatsApp just reached 1 billion users, and Zuckerberg’s first decision with the company was to make it free. Now they are looking to make money off  of their 1 billion user base… think he’ll do it?… Read More


You’ve Heard of the Super Bowl Shuffle... ...now we’re introduced to the homeless shuffle. Ahead of Sunday’s game, San Francisco officials said it relocated about 24 people who had been living on the posh waterfront where the NFL set up a week-long “Super Bowl City.” Those two-dozen people were bumped to the top of a waiting list at San Francisco’s most sought-after shelter, the Navigation Center. The new center provides curfew-less shelter, meals and helps find permanent housing. The wait list was 150 deep and these folks got put ahead of the line...doesn’t seem quite fair to me... Read More