We Launched a New Website (And we think it's pretty great)

We love love love to innovate. We put ourselves in your shoes and push forward to make a tool that will not only change your life but change the financial industry itself. We've been working on this project for quite some time; reviewing your feature requests and basing our decisions around your feedback. We're happy to say we've made significant improvements and it doesn't stop there. We are innovating everyday and exploring new ways to provide value.

With that, let's take you for a tour (and then you should go explore it for yourself)!

 The new homepage tells you stories of people just like you and walks you through how we are helping people in different financial positions.

Choose the stage in life that most represents your own and see how we're helping others like you

The new Invest page features an improved portfolio tool you can use to get details on our portfolios based on your age and risk tolerance.

Explore Wela Strategies Own Your Age portfolios

The new My Investments page inside the user portal has reached a new level of analysis you can explore however meets your needs to track your various investment accounts and compare your allocation to our recommended allocation.

Historical tracking and allocation display gives you a full picture


Probably most exciting is a brand new tool called Benjamin. Bejamin is your digital advisor and he was created to guide you through the savings hierarchy on your path to financial stability. Set goals, accept challenges and track your progress. To further assist you in accomplishing your goals, Benjamin serves up content, written by our team of advisors, to educate and inspire you.

Benjamin is currently in Beta which means he's only going to get better


There's much more over at our new web address GetWela.com. Oh, did we forget to mention linking accounts has gotten easier? Link multiple accounts at a time so you can get to your full financial picture in just minutes.

Make sure to tell us what you think! We can't wait to hear from you.