What The Finance Is The Business Strategy Behind The NFL!?

whatthefinanceisthebusinessstrategybehindthenfl Football has come to almost surpass baseball as America's favorite pass time. With so much popularity, the business behind this sport is clearly booming. In fact, last year alone the NFL brought in roughly $12 billion. Matt & Eddie take a closer look at the inner workings of the NFL to see how their business strategies can translate to other industries and even your investment strategy.

Like many businesses, the NFL is running into growth issues. Matt and Eddie discuss the NFL's current tactics to expand the reach of this sport. They also look at how this company delt with their PR crisis in 2015. This is something companies in different industries can still learn from.

Eddie, our resident sports bookie, fills us in on how much is wagered on college and pro football every year, and you won't believe how much it is! Then the guys brainstorm how the NFL could find a way to tap into this potential gold mine.

The guys also explore the value of the various teams and their background. Learn more about the owners of these NFL teams and their interesting connections. Eddie then closes up the show with some Super Bowl fun facts to get you ready for this Sunday.

Take a listen!