Wela Announces Launch of New Website 2.04.2016

Wela is inviting visitors to explore its relaunched website at their new URL GetWela.com. The new website was designed with the curious visitor in mind. Visitors seeking to learn more about how Wela can help them plan for a bright financial future will find improved navigation, specific information tailored to their unique needs, and a detailed peek behind the curtain of all the features and benefits of the Wela platform and Wela Strategies investment services.

Atlanta - February 4, 2016 - The site includes extensive phase-of-life story telling to help visitors understand how Wela can be used to facilitate financial planning for their specific situation. Rich narrative, easy-to-understand product descriptions, and improved portfolio tool work together to provide a clear picture of what Wela can do for families and individuals seeking financial planning advice and tracking. 

In addition to helping users make their decision to use Wela more thoughtfully and confidently, exiting users will find a few new and exciting improvements to the Wela platform within their user portal.

The new My Investments page has reached a new level of analysis users can explore however meets their needs to track their various investment accounts and compare their allocation to our recommended allocation. Users will also discover the addition of Benjamin, their digital financial advisor (currently in beta). Benjamin was designed to guide users through the savings hierarchy in their pursuit for financial stability.

Wela is continuing their standard of rapid and thoughtful innovation to it's product and services. Phase two of the Wela platform release is expected April 2016.

About Wela: Wela is a financial technology company that weaves together the elegance of technology and the human touch of financial advisors to give families the ability to gain a holistic view of their entire financial situation: investments, cash, debt, and real estate. The technology allows users to easily access Wela Strategies, a registered independent investment advisor providing low-cost, tax-efficient, ETF model portfolios that are age and/or time horizon based. Wela is specifically designed to revolutionize the way young families receive financial advice. For more information on Wela, visit www.GetWela.com or call 678-608-0420.