Wela Whip For The Week Of January 25th, 2016

160127131550-kevin-abosch-potato-exlarge-169 One Million For What?! If you guessed a potato, then you were close. Rather it’s a picture of a potato. Recently a picture of a potato with a black background sold for $1.5 million. It is literally a picture of a potato. And it was sold over four glasses of wine. Two glasses of wine to determine they liked it, and another two to determine they wanted to buy it. I knew wine made you tipsy, but four glasses of wine doesn’t normally lead to making it rain… that’s whiskey...Read More

You Want To Netflix And Chill... ...but aren’t quite sure what to watch since you just finished Making a Murderer, and House of Cards doesn’t come out til March. We’ve got your back. Here are 15 documentaries that will make you smarter so you don’t feel bad about vegging on the couch all weekend. Here are my top three: Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Something Ventured, and Somm...Read More

The Jonas Bounce Winter Storm Jonas caused many to be stranded this past weekend. But it benefited one company… Tinder. The hookup app saw a spike in activity and matches over the weekend as many were stranded. Tinder noted that making a match was 3.3 times higher during the Blizzard than other times. And they promoted using the app with ads like “Eat, Sleep, Swipe, Repeat.” This seems to throw many mixed signals, do people just swipe right for me when they are bored and lonely or do they really like me? The technology age dilemmas...Read More 

These Are Tech Skills Worth Learning Finding high-paying jobs in the tech field isn't hard but staying on top of the in-demand skills is a bit harder. Job website Dice.com recently published its salary survey. The company surveyed 16,301 IT professionals in the fall of 2015 to come up with this list of average salaries for people with particular in-demand skills. The top three are HANA, Cassandra, and Cloudera. Now we just need to figure out what these mean!...Read More