Wela Whip For The Week Of December 28th

2924217723_a8e5364cc0_b-600x450 “Hello, is this Planet Earth?” One lucky (or freaked out) lady heard these very words the other day. She probably thought it was a prank call, but it was actually a misdialed number... from space. Astronaut Tim Peak misdialed the number for his home as he was trying to call his family. Then he tweeted his apology. Is this not mind blowing for anyone else. Less than 10 years ago we didn’t even know of an iPhone, and now we are calling and tweeting from space?!... Read More

The Whole Food Saga Continues You may recall from earlier this year that Whole Foods was accused of overcharging its New York customers, renforcing its nickname, Whole Paycheck. Well, they’re back in the news, and this time it's because they’re settling the dispute with the city for $500K. In addition, the city has outlined a whole list of other quality control requirements that Whole Foods will need to now impliment including quarterly in-store audits. My only question is, if New York is getting half a million dollars, what are the customers who were overcharged getting?... Read More


It’s All About The Lighting Well, that is what Airbus is saying as one of the main changes they have made in their new planes to help reduce jet lag. This along with more air circulation for better sleeping and pressurization. All of this to help us fly better and be more productive when we arrive. We may not be able to time travel yet, but this sure as heck is making it easier to travel across time zones... Read More


Surely You Can’t Be Serious… Many of you remember the “affluenza teen” who killed four people in a drunk driving accident and recieved 10 years of probation. He got off easy because of a condition called "affluenza" which basically means irresponsible. Who knew that was an alibi!? Well, he and his mother fled the country (a big no-no on probation) and have recently been caught in Mexico. If it’s found that he had been drinking while on probation, he could recieve 10 years in prison. So just to get this straight, kill four people while under the influence and you get probation, drink while on probation and you go to prison? I am serious…and please don’t call me Shirley... Read More