Wela Whip For The Week Of December 18th

3646891644_58a9d035d2_b-600x401 Roaring Party for a Not So Roaring Company As a nod to its 20th birthday, Yahoo threw a Roaring 20’s Great Gatsby themed holiday party. Some say that the party cost nearly $7 million, and pictures of the party show quite a celebration for a company that hasn’t been celebrated by investors this year… Yahoo stock is down nearly 30% since January. Is Yahoo hiding something from all of us… or do meeting growth goals not matter anymore to some companies? The party may have been roaring, but we can sure hear the out roar from investors...Read More

A Chip off The Old Block! Chipotle, the quick-service burrito maker, may be taking a page out of Micky D’s playbook! McDonalds, who was a major investor in Chipotle in the late 90’s and sold the restaurant concept to the public back in 2006, relies on massive food suppliers and factories to prepare and freeze ingredients before sending them to restaurants. A practice that Chipotle has historically avoided, preferring to rely on locally sourced ingredients, they may be changing their tune in the wake of illness outbreaks tied to its restaurants. They are going to start increasing quality control by preparing some of its food in a central kitchen and then shipping it out to stores. I guess it’s safe to say that our elders do know what’s best…or in this case, safest...Read More

A New Industry How much would you pay to recover in 30 minutes from a long night out? People are paying nearly $150 to do so in the land down under. Australia has introduced a new concept… hangover clinics. For $140 you get an IV drip and a Vitamin cocktail to mend your throbbing headache. But they have other tiers which include hydration drips, oxygen therapy and a lounge for group recovery. Time will tell if this is a "best night ever" type of idea or a "lights off throbbing headache terrible morning" type of an idea. So far it seems like a winner!...Read More

A $10K Flight for…$130 bucks?!?! That’s a deal you can sign me up for! And that’s exactly what travel blogger Sam Huang did. He cashed in 67,500 American Airline miles for a one-way first class ticket from Chicago to Hong Kong on Hong Kong’s iconic airline, Cathay Pacific. What’s crazier is that the $130 included a $75 late booking fee. From caviar and Dom Perignon to foot massages, Sam chronicles his trip in both words and pictures...Read More