Wela Whip For The Week Of December 7th

22061916660_c3d7a68c47_k-600x400 Barnes & WAY Not Noble It’s hard to be noble when you compete with a company by the name of Amazon. And Barnes & Noble is feeling the pain of this competition. Sales fell 22% in the most recent quarter and the stock followed with a more than 20% decline… which makes shares of this not so noble company down nearly 40% for the year. 4 CEOs in 5 years and tripling debt from a year spells trouble. We are baffled… we thought the Nook would turn this company around!...Read More


Need Another Cool Gift Idea? Well, this one is perfect if the recipient loves living on the edge…despite bans and injuries, including one of these products catching on fire no less, hoverboards are this season’s hottest selling gadget. On Black Friday alone, shoppers bought more than 5,000 of these self-balancing scooters on eBay. eBay claims that they are now selling one every 12 seconds! I guess Marty McFly really was just a few decades ahead of his time!...Read More


If You Aren’t Cheating, Your Neighbor Is Take a deep breath, it’s not infidelity. We are talking about banks here. Nearly 50% of individuals are cheating on their banks… they have multiple bank relationships. And males tend to be the bigger culprit. A recent study by gobankingrates.com showed the banking infidelity epidemic that is happening in America. Heck, 1 in 10 people have relationships with three banks! How do you keep all those logins and balances in line? Maybe there is a place that helps with that and a lot more… oh, yeah… shameless plug time… yourwela.com! Check it out, its free, easy and convenient. All winning aspects!...Read More


A $430 Million Dollar Day That’s not too bad…and that’s exactly what Ricky Sandler’s hedge fund, Eminence Capital experienced this week. Keurig Green Mountain announced that they were being acquired by JAB group for $92 per share which was a 78% premium over last Friday’s closing price. The K-Cup maker has recently announced plans to build out Kold (yes, that’s spelled with a “k”) in order to diversify their product offering in an overly saturated coffee market by offering a device to make cold beverages. Interesting, yes, but I wonder how much they spent to come up with the idea that a good alternative to the hot beverage market was, well, cold beverages...Read More