10 Easy Money Hacks (and an e-book with 17 more!)

We often talk about the big picture; net worth, full financial picture, the FUTURE. This time we're talking hacks. Simple tips and tricks anyone can do. Some of these will save you a little bit here and there, others can save you hundreds over the course of a year. Even the little money hacks will add up. When you're done reading the 10 below you can download our free e-book, 17 Money Hacks, with even MORE money hacks plus secrets and instructions on how to really make the most out of money hacking.

1. Just Ask Take a look at your monthly services; cell phone, cable, internet, etc. and see if any of your providers are running promotions and give customer service a call. Even if you can't find any current promotions just give them a call and see if you can get your bill any lower. Sometimes you can sometimes you can't but it doesn't hurt to ask!

2. Don't worry, be Appy Try out apps like RedLaser for price comparison on the go. Simply scan your product and RedLaser will show you prices at nearby stores so you can make sure you're getting the best price.

3. Get Paid to Shop If you're already shopping online you might as well reap some rewards. Cash back websites like Ebates will pay you a percentage of your purchase back for shopping through their site. Most programs have toolbars you can add to your browser to make shopping super easy. Here's a helpful article from Krazy Coupon Lady to help you pick out a program that fits your needs.

4. Clear Your Cookies Planning a trip? The airlines are watching! Creepy I know but they are and they're driving the price up because they know you're dying to get away. Clearing your cookies before searching again can often save you around $50. Learn how to clear your cookies.

5. Viva la Vinegar Stop buying expensive cleaning products. Turns out vinegar is a miracle substance that can replace all that money that you store under your sink. Here's a list of different ways to use vinegar to clean around the house.

6. After the Party it's the After Party Sales Buy your holiday decor, gift wrap, etc. after the holiday ends when everything is marked down. Most places you can get as much as 70% off.

7. Hit The Dollar Store Your biggest win at dollar stores is going to be in party supplies. It all gets thrown away at the end anyway so why spend big box prices when you don't have to. Remember, not everything at dollar stores is actually cheaper. Some items like candy and snacks can actually cost more than they would at a grocery store. Know before you go.

8. Visit Costco Rx In many states it is required by law that Costco offer its discount prescription services to non-members. Take advantage of the prescription program without paying for a full Costco membership.

9. Skip the Rental Insurance If you have to rent a car, skip the rental insurance. Most major credit cards insure your rental car for a period of time (check personal use vs business use). Find out if you're covered.

10. Go To Beauty School Skip the salon on those pricey personal maintenance services like manicures and haircuts and head to your local cosmetology school. Save big by getting those services done by students studying to be stylists and aestheticians.

hacks-mockWant more? Download 17 Money Hacks. Learn mind tricks, internet hacks, how to turn your phone into a coupon machine, ways to use what you already have to make more money, and more in this 21-page guide.