Wela Whip For The Week Of November 23rd

151120154648-zuckerberg-baby-beast-780x439-600x338 Hello... Of Course Adele Is Breaking Records

In just three days, Adele's newly released album, 25, became the best-selling release of 2015. As of Monday she sold at least 2.3 million copies of her new album! To put that in perspective, Taylor Swift (oh Tay-Tay) last year sold 3.66 million copies of her latest album between its release in October to December. Adele has also given streaming groups the cold shoulder which is a smart move since people are clearly willing to pay to enjoy her soulful sounds. Personally, I believe the demand for the album increased after Saturday Night Live used it as a solution to stop any Thanksgiving family squabbling... Read More


Facebook's Baby Daddy Is Taking Paternity Leave

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg's reportedly taking two full months! People are freaking out about this since paternity and maternity leave is currently hot topics in the U.S., and long paid leaves are used as employment perks at many big tech companies today. Back in 2012, Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer, only took two weeks of maternity leave after giving birth, so to see a male CEO of a tech company taking two months off for paternity leave certainly has people saying that he's Leaning In. He and his wife haven't shared their exact due date, but we're sure we'll all see that new baby announcement at the top of our Facebook feed as soon as it happens... Read More


We All Get Emotional Sometimes

One woman is getting a lot of attention for getting emotional over some random things, though. Earlier this week, Aaron Gillies, a London-based comedy writer, shared a list of reasons why his wife had cried in the past month. None of the reasons were what you would expect. Personal favorite, "she was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet."... Read More


I Like My Banks Like I Like My Music... Underground

China recently put an end to the nation's largest "underground bank" which had handled $64 billion of illegal foreign-exchange transactions. Quick rundown on why: China limits the amount of yuan citizens can converted into a foreign dollars. They're doing this to stabilize their currency. The Chinese people, though, clearly weren't having any of it, and instead found some loopholes and set up an underground (i.e. illegal) bank to get money out of the country. Now that that's over, we're excited to see what this government and its people do next!... Read More