Reasons To Be Financially Thankful This Year

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we to take a moment to appreciate a few reasons why we should all be financially thankful this year. We reached out to some of our investment advisors to get their take.

Matt Reiner

  • I’m thankful for a long-term investing horizon. Although the markets haven’t performed great, it gave me an opportunity to buy on market weakness for the longer term.
  • I’m thankful for the Wela users. We launched in January with an idea and the users have adopted our idea. Our goal is to now continue building a better product that provides more actionable and relatable financial advice via technology and a personal touch to anyone and everyone.
  • I’m thankful for Wela. After launching in January, being a part of building the company has been an exciting adventure where we have learned a lot, and we are excited to continue to make improvements to ultimately become the best at delivering financial advice more effectively to everyone.

Eddie Goepp

I’m thankful for continued economic growth in the U.S., low mortgage rates, and low gas prices!

Wes Moss

I'm thankful that the housing market continues to recover. Atlanta housing prices have increased an average of 11.1% over this past year, and according to Zillow, are predicted to rise 5.4% within the next year.  This has helped homeowners continue to grow equity in their homes and recover from the steep decline in real estate prices during the Great Recession. There is still pent-up household formation demand which should continue to bode well for home prices. Couple this with the Fed's decision to keep interest rates at zero (or close to zero) for 2015 has also helped first time home buyer's with ultra-low mortgage rates.

Mitch Reiner

You were able to buy stocks on sale in August and September because YOU WERE dollar cost averaging in your 401K.