Wela Whip For The Week Of November 16th

https://www.flickr.com/photos/lsuchick142/ Rousey Got Kicked, Company Got Boost Ronda Rousey was all over social media after getting knocked to the mat with a swinging high leg kick, but the attention this knockout brought led to the parent company of UFC, Zuffa LLC, getting a boost to its credit rating. S&P raised the outlook on Zuffa’s debt from negative to stable. The negative outlook was due to many UFC fights being cancelled last year. I guess that means not all hopes were knocked out last weekend during the fight…Read More

Want A Baby Boy?! Be Happy Yes, people really study this stuff. Recent research suggests that happy people tend to have boys and those that aren’t as happy tend to have baby girls. This research looked at the birth ratios of boys to girls surrounding different types of events, and during high unemployment and economic turmoil they saw a decline in male babies. I guess that means a baby can tell the outside world more about their parents than we ever thought… Read More

That’s Not The Spirit It seems that Santa is even gaining some confidence and trying to profit on all his mall visits! One mall in New Jersey is charging a cost of admission to see Santa… between $35 - $50 bucks! Now they get an adventure and pictures and video of the visit… but still. That’s not the spirit of the holiday. Is this making Santa Greedy?! I wonder when the presidential debates will tackle this topic… this is un-American!... Read More

Now We're Talking! Lexington Kentucky is in the spirit to help people during this holiday season! For the next month, the city is allowing people to pay parking fines with canned food. Ten canned food items will equate to a $15 credit on citations, and you can pay for past citations with cans as well. The Mayor says one expired meter ticket could mean two meals for hungry families. Now that’s a ticket I’m okay paying!... Read More